August 21, 2011

Backlog: 18 May 2008

So in a moment of ridiculous procrastination, I checked my myspace (it still exists whaaa??)! Anyways, I found this old blog of mine and decided it's not too shabby. Thanks to Tanya for the photo!

Those starlit nights.

TanyaVolt Photography
I miss them.

I miss their arrogance and confidence and their jokes and mood swings and letting me sit in the corner. Only noticing me when I needed some cheering up. I miss their laughing and enthusiasm and optimism and liveliness and the fact that they let me sit in the corner...almost entirely undetected.

Then they left and yet somehow the good life was still there. They were coming back. I was so sure.

But one week of starlit nights, two weeks of romance and everything was gone. The lights shone down on me and I was exposed. My flaws were there for the whole world to see and they, the arrogant, confident, moody, enthusiastic, optimistic and lively who let me sit in the corner almost entirely undetected were gone.

Suddenly my life was filled with a void. A huge, gaping chasm opened up in front of me and I fell right in. The good life was over and I had to walk the path that so many had walked before me. The path that was so small that there was no room for room to make a mistake. Now I'm living that life.

And only now am I regretting those starlit nights...


Cindy said...

myspace </3

Anonymous said...

were gone* :P

Rhi Nelson said...

haha whoops! I really should know to proof read writing from 3 years ago :P

Also, who are you anonymous person? :P