October 14, 2011

I'll dance 'til I die.

Seeing as this short post was inspired by Fremantle and the local music scene, this blog's clip comes from one of the raddest local bands out, The Seals (who you can also find here). I've only actually seen them live once, but they were pretty fantastic, and their EP never fails to make me want to dance. I hope you like it!!

Coming up to my 18th birthday I had a lot of 30 and 40-somethings telling me to enjoy myself while I still could. "You're young and free! Enjoy yourself before you have a full-time job and a mortgage and you can't go out anymore!"

Well, I went out to Clancy's Fish Pub for Dad's 53rd tonight (happy birthday Padre!!) and after dinner we went to watch the band that was on, Tom Fisher & the Layabouts. By the final song the ages of the people dancing ranged from 14 to 60, and they were all having an utterly radtastic time.

So you know what all you 30 and 40-somethings who were so determined to hand on your life wisdom? Clearly, you're doing something wrong and I'm going to keep on enjoying myself 'til the day I die.

Photo courtesy of VolunteerSG and google images :P

October 08, 2011

Don't think, you'll ruin it.

So, I've spent the last two and a bit days working pretty solidly on my politics essay, (with a brief interlude to the Fremantle markets for coffee, of course), and I keep finding myself listening to this guy's playlist on repeat. I don't mean to, but I hit play on the first song, and then get really involved in my essay and realise two hours later that I all of a sudden know the lyrics to songs whose existence I only discovered 48 hours ago haha :D

Anyhow, I thought I'd share the joy.

Despite the assignments, life has been good lately. If you read the last post, you'll know I'm getting a bit overexcited about summer, but moreover, I've started to do things without thinking so much. It's kinda fun.

I went to a friend's gig on a whim last week, which ended in some rather entertaining drunken shenanigans. I asked a barista/photographer, who I regularly go and annoy on Sunday afternoons, if he'd show me how to put film in my Mum's 30-year old Pentax K1000 properly (cheers Tim!), and have since started snapping some random photos. I don't even know if I used the right film, but I figure I'll get the hang of it. And, I got the butcher down the road to teach me how to break down a chicken, because it seemed like a useful thing to do.

Cello, we have a bass!
Dublin Jazz Aunts

Pure radness.

Cool kids and great food.
I wish I could do an urbanspoon review of Scott and Sasha's cooking. Coming home to homemade meatballs al pomodoro was pretty fantastic :D

Hope life is treating you all equally well!

"Let me out of this cage, before I swell up with rage
And let me sing to old age, before I'm done
Let me shout to the skies, that I'm too young to die
And that fate will never stop me from trying."

Roo Panes - Open Road

October 06, 2011

Backlog: Dreaming of an Endless Summer

The weather is so beautiful today. Summer is here - or at least, Spring is :P And this song shall be its anthem :) I love these dudes - I love that you can hear their Aussie accents and that they seem so down to earth and that their black labrador features in so many of their youtube videos...

Speaking of Summer, I'm going to post part of a post from my old MySpace again. Every time spring rolls around I get a little overexcited because it means the dry season is nearby. It is without a doubt my favourite time of the year, which is pretty evident in how much I romanticise it. Although, now that I think of it I wrote this in September 2008, and what I wrote still embodies how I spend my summer days :D 

Dreaming of an Endless Summer

Summer Paradise

...I'm going to the beach. Every day that I can I'll go to the beach and swim and snorkel and surf to my hearts content. I'll roll around in the waves after toppling off my board, and laugh at myself when I manage to pop my head out of the water. I'll paddle out the back, enjoying the rise and fall of the bigger waves that I'll be a little bit too scared to surf. Then I'll paddle up to the front and laugh at myself sliding off my 6'7" hunk of fibreglass, before unexpectedly staying up for the first time in a while. It'll be enough to put me in a euphoric state for the rest of the day, and maybe even a day or two after that.

I'll go to the river with my family, some snorkels, hot chips, a few fishing rods and a kayak. Me and Scott will swim just a metre away from a dolphin and not even realise it, swans will try to steal our chips and we'll just laugh. We'll run along the top of blackwall reach and climb down the cliffs to discover tiny caves, and I'll jump off the top of the ominous walls of rock into cool, murky water. I'll go for a long kayak, a snorkel in my lap so that I can push my head into the water and enjoy the sweet, cool liquid and the darting schools of whitebait desperately swimming away from me. Then Scott will jump on the front and we'll paddle through the yachts.

Singing at the top of our lungs.

Mum and Dad will get angry because we stayed on the water 'til after dark, but who cares. We had a good time and they'll get over it. Then we'll fish and catch blowies until we're too tired to put the bait on our hooks, before going home and arguing over who gets the shower first. 

Christmas will be the same as usual. The ever so lovely family lunch of a roast lamb, a roast chicken, too many roasted vegies, a Christmas pudding that I pretend to like, and a pavlova covered with fresh fruit. We'll sit around the tree after church and appreciate everything we get because we know that it was as much as Mum and Dad could possibly afford. We'll muck around outside and maybe even go for a swim at the beach as the sun slowly melts into the calm, blue expanse that is the ocean...

Eep! I'm getting so excited :D

Blue skies make me so happy :D

October 01, 2011

Hot Tods

I realised that I lied in my last post. The Beatles isn't quite as far as I get when it comes to listening to older music - I'm also a little in love with Crowded House. Although, just out of curiosity, does music from the late '90s/early noughties count as old yet? Because that would vastly expand my old music repertoire :P

Also, just a little music trivia for you - did you know that Neil Finn actually said this song was his homage to The Beatles, as well as an attempt at sounding like them?

I've had quite the amazing week. Not quite enough work (although I've still managed to watch about 20 lectures), far too much drinking, catching up with old friends and lots of other fun shenanigans.

Chilling by the Docks

Our version of 'study'

Cool kids.
On the downside though, almost all of my family members have been sick this week. I thought I'd managed to evade the dreaded cold, but alas my throat is suddenly really quite sore... So, I thought I'd share my favourite cold cure with you all (even though winter is technically over).

Hot Tods
What you will need:
  - Juice of 1-2 lemons
  - 2 shots of brandy
  - Tbsp of honey
  - Hot water

Mix them all in a large mug, and voila! Not only will it help you sleep and stop your throat from hurting, it also tastes amazing (and may give you a bit of a buzz) :P

Side note: Somebody told me the other day, they read my blog but don't follow it because they think they'd come across as stalkerish. It's not stalkerish! I post them on facebook for the whole world to see, so follow away!! (Please?) :P