June 29, 2011

The Singapore Chronicles - June 28 & 29

 So I started writing a blog for you all last night, but I felt really sleepy so I went to sleep instead :P Also, Bec slept early cause she was quite sick and so I couldn't get the photos. I have some now though!!!! :D

China Town! I like the lanterns :D

Yesterday morning, I slept in which was lovely, sat on the couch and tried to make facebook work (it wouldn't upload my photos!), and then we went to China Town and Little India!! We both got henna tattoos, I went a little insane buying trinkets, and I ate some more tasty food (shock horror) :P


Today, I had another sleep-in. Yay!!! :P Bec had her driving test, and passed with flying colours which is rather awesome :D Then we went shopping and I possibly went a little overboard. Shopping here is so amazing though! We went to a place called Bugis, which has a cool market type thing (but for clothes/shoes) and quite a few cheap vintage-ey shops. I was glad I had Bec with me though - she made sure I didn't spend far too much money :P

Such radacular stationary...

There's also a proper shopping mall there, where I bought ridiculous amounts of notebooks. They're so beautiful though! And books like that cost far more back home.

Afterwards, we went to meet some of Bec's friends and her boyfriend, who attempted to teach me how to say his name (which is Chinese) properly. I can do most accents, but ask me to pronounce something in Chinese and it fails so hard :P Speaking of accents, having never travelled before, it's so weird to think that other people hear me and I sound like an ocker Aussie. I find it rather entertaining :P I tried to say thanks in Chinese to a cab driver today, but it didn't really work. Anyways, that was rather entertaining. Her friends were also really sweet - they bought me a flower each and some really nice chocolate! It was a really nice night :)

I love gerberas! One of my favourite flowers :D

For dinner I had this Indian thing called prata, or something, which is so nomtious (and rather unhealthy). It's dough that you dip in a curry soup sort thing, and eat. I had lime juice as well while we waited, which is seriously tasty! I think I'm going to have to try to find some of it when I get back home.

Waiting for friends and dinner...

I'm sad tonight though, because I really love Singapore and yesterday it felt like I had such a long time left to explore, but today all of a sudden it seems like the time is going so fast! Only two and a half days left :( I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at home again though!

It's ok though, I can always come back again :D

Lots of love headed your way!

...what a weird phrase. I kinda like it haha :P

June 27, 2011

The Singapore Chronicles - June 26 & 27

So much to say! I really dunno where to start.

Yesterday, Bec and I went out with her parents on her Dad's boat. It was a really nice day, even though when we went swimming I discovered Bec wasn't lying about the water being a tad disgusting :P Singapore's a giant port city, so there's a bit of sludge on the ocean floor from all the oil. It doesn't stop the seafood being amazing though! :P

With Bec on the boat :)

We went to this island (I think) off the coast, and ate out the back of a restaurant type thing that's apparently like Singapore in the 70's. It was pretty rad :D So much food though! We had baby squid, a whole fish (which was super scary looking, but damned tasty), fried rice, tofu, and pepper crab, which was my favourite! So messy, cause you have to crack the shell open and pull the meat out yourself, but it was so worth it!

Afterwards, I unintentionally locked myself in a bathroom (long story, but I spent quite a long time in there...it was rather hilarious), we went to Bec's Grandma's house, and moved into Bec's apartment (which is technically Bec's Mum's, but you know) :P It's kinda awesome here! For one, the view is absolutely incredible, it's close to amazing food - for dinner I had some scrumptious chicken noodles and a caramel ice coffee thingo (why do we not have Starbucks and Coffee Bean in Perth?), and it's really nice to just chill out here!

View - Not such a great photo, but ah well :P

Today, was Universal Studios. So freaking awesome!

I tried kaya toast, which is...sugary? Haha I don't really know what it is but it's pretty tasty.

One of the rad food courts in SG - where I got my kaya toast!

Bec and I took far too many photos...or not enough, hard to tell :P And went on some pretty cool rides. I also got drenched on the jurassic park ride :P Probably my favourite ride was the Mummy one though, purely because Bec and I thought it was going to be ridiculous and a waste of our life, and then suddenly the car moved backwards, it went pitch black and we went flying! Was absolutely fantastic :D There's an awesome video as well of the Madagascar characters dancing. I was dancing along with them and Bec was telling herself "Just people in costumes. Just people in costumes." Was really quite entertaining :P

Anyways, there's so much more I could write about but I feel weird writing out my day-to-day doings in narrative style like this.

Lots of love! Rhi :)

Oh oh! Actually, before I go, I must tell you about this weird thing in Singapore! ...well, actually it's perfectly logical but it weirds me out :P Because so much of Singapore's population lives in apartments, to dry their washing, they have these poles that they stick out their windows! If I was any good at photography, I'm sure I would be able to take a seriously rad photo, but for now, this is the best I can do.

Night all! :)

June 25, 2011

The Singapore Chronicles - June 24 & 25

June 24 2011
I wish I was writing this blog during take-off. My inner monologue was going slightly insane. I officially love flying...except I dont like clouds cause they block my view :P

Anyways, for now, I am sitting in a cramped chair, with a book, a magazine, my iPod and some mentos. Freaking cant wait to land - its kind of awesome when the plane is on an angle.

..oh and theres a bit of turbulence. Thats rather odd.

So, it just dawned on me - I am sitting in a giant metal container thats gotta weigh a damn lot, 20-something-thousand feet in the sky. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?? I dont even think rad (or any of its variations) is satisfactory to describe how cool this is.

The endless white noise makes it feel like weve still only just left. Its like bein in a weird state of limbo.

Also, I have discovered that me, sleep and planes are not a likely combination... Although, that could just be that its still only 11.35 :P


The air hostesses relay the safety procedures like a well-rehearsed dance. One stands in the middle, one stands in the front, and another speaks into the microphone.

"To inflate the life-vest, pull the orange cable tightly", to which the two standing in the aisles mime the actions. "The emergency exits are..." Anticipating her words, the two motion to either side of the plane.

The girl in front of me wears a bored expression as she gestures to the safety manuals that should be in front of our seats.

I know I should be paying attention but the plane has begun to move and Im curious. Turning my head, I stare out of the tiny window, like a gold fish in a round glass bowl. Suddenly, the lights on either side are no longer vanishing at a snails pace. The plane tilts upwards, and a smile takes shape on my lips.

June 25 2011
What a day! Ive been walking around in a bit of a daze. Having flown in the dark, I feel as if when I was up in the sky I didnt move too far. Singapore feels like a strange kind of alternate univerese. It's awesome though! Every hour or so Id get really excited and start grinning, "Bec! Im in Singapore!"

We spent the day shopping - over 6 hours out of the house, and we only went through two shopping malls. The shops are bizarre, and after a while I thought it might be nice to see the sky again. Coming from Australia, you can usually get too far without going outside :P It eas so much fun thou! Very different to Australia - the clothes, the culture, the food...oh my lord the food!

Its utterly amazing, but I can already tell that by the end of the week Ill be craving some good old meat & 3 veg :P I ate duck rice (with a crazy hot sauce), some weird sticky jelly, so many tidbits of weird food (including a mini dried fish...head and all) and an amazing laksa made by Becs mama. It also had some crazy hot sauce. Hopefully by the end of the week, I wont look like a tomato after one spoon of some new kind of food (with crazy hot sauce).

Oh and I had starbucks today! Bec mentioned it and I got ridiculously excited. I plsn oj drinking far too much of it this week :P

Anyways, I should probably get some sleep. Were going out on Becs Dads boat tomorrow :D Should be good!

PS. Im putting this uo on my iPad, so no photos as of yet. I promise Ill try to put some up soon though :)

Love, Rhi :)

June 17, 2011


It would appear that I haven't written anything on here in rather a long time, so I thought I'd let you know I'm still here!

Of late, my life has been a little hectic. I've picked up two more jobs, quit my old one (last day is next Friday) and sat my first exam in a long time! Plus I've been saving my butt off because this time next week, I'll be in Singapore!!! :D

I'm so ridiculously excited. For the first time in my life, I'll get to go on a plane and leave the state, I'm going to go shopping properly for the first time since last year some time, eat some amazing food, and most importantly, I'll get to see Rebecca Wiener!!!! :D I miss that kid so much.

We're going to Universal Studios on Tuesday, the weather won't be cold, and hopefully I'll take some pretty pictures and start making this blog a tad more colourful :P

For the moment though, you'll have to settle with a picture of the awesome bar at the Greenhouse (which isn't that great quality cause I took it on my phone, but you know...)

Anyways, it's back to Italian study for me and listening to a ridiculous amount of City and Colour:

(I am so addicted to this song!)

June 02, 2011


A thought flicks through my brain. The flick of a tuning fork. The flick of the wish, hanging on my neck.

Inwardly, I sigh, and reluctantly, I retrieve my phone.

I tap three times and then it starts. I watch the tendon flicking in my wrist, as my brain searches for the right words.

The words, my words, are what keep me sane. The chaos of my mind becomes ordered. Organised.

It's like suddenly, the piles of paper are stacked neatly in brown cardboard boxes. Flick. Flick. Flick. I find the right word from that one, and move on to the next.

Eventually, I've exhausted the boxes and so the tendon in my wrist comes to a halt, along with the screech of the buses brakes.

As my feet pass each other on the pavement, one foot ahead of the other, I'm happy. Satisfied. Ready to share my words, my sanity, with the world.