May 28, 2012

Perspectives: Part 1.

I'm in struggle town guys, I really am. I think I've burnt myself out - overloading at uni, with a 2 week overseas trip in the middle of it which wound up in a very sick me - it has all been a bit too much. Of course, that last part couldn't have been foreseen, but you know...

I wouldn't take any of it back (except for maybe the anthropology unit I decided to take :P) but that doesn't stop the fact that struggle town is here and I need to find a way to de-stress and step away from it all. I wish it was summer, I usually go and chill out on the ocean floor for a while when I feel this way and then everything feels better.

But seeing as it's really cold, and I don't want to get sick again, I have another idea. I did this once last year and suddenly everything became a lot easier. Before it, I found I was wishing away time. I was always looking forward to the end of the week filled with tests (basically how I'm feeling this week), or the month or so that was filled with torturous essays, or the two weeks until I could come out of my sling. And I really, really hate wishing away time, because when you're constantly wishing time away, it gets really hard to feel good about life. I like living in the moment (I know, it's corny*), and I really need to get back that enjoyment in every day life.

So, this thing that I'm talking about? For tonight, it means posting some photos from then. From the days when everything always seemed good. When I was truly happy-go-lucky no matter what went wrong, and that I sometimes wish I could get back.

And in a few days, I'll post some recent photos. Photos of all the good times that I mixed up with all the bad times last year and almost succeeded in forgetting about, or that I just missed entirely, because I was so concentrated on just getting to the end of the week. Photos to remind me that despite the parts where life truly feels like it couldn't get any more shitty, there are still an awful lot of fantastic moments that make it completely and utterly worth it.

And to finish it off, some photos from now. To let myself know that right in this very moment, there's some great times to be had and I should really just enjoy them. It's surprisingly therapeutic.

So, here goes nothing! Beware, there's an awful lot of (not great) photos! The then...

The one and only Bec Wiener. Miss this kid a lot.
Climbing trees, just casually. I got stuck in this tree with a dislocated knee cap. Good times :P
2009 (I think).
Taking a break from a rather long bike ride.
What happens when you spend 8 days in a stinking hot tent - really bad hair days :P
Dressing up in ridiculous clothes is fun.
2010? Maybe?
And some more climbing...
High School Graduation with one of my Greatest friends and two of the brothers :)
Me and the little brother.
Glow sticks are fun.
Post Knee Reconstruction No. 2. My genius markings never fail to make me smile :P
September 2010.
It's amazing how cameras can capture moments and
make them look so different to what they actually were.
Also, never take selfies when wearing a strapless top :P
Never understood people who don't like seaweed. Personally, I think it brings out my eyes :P
Summer 09/10.
Poo Pit or Poop It? You decide!
Grade 10 hiking camp and some classic Australian humour :P
July 2007.
Grade 12 ball (kinda like prom!)
Me, Cindy, Alex: the coolest kids :P
Australia Day 2010.
T-t-t-t-turtle! We had a rap and everything!
2007 or 2008. One of the two :P

Tune in soon for some better quality photos and the things that make me smile now :)

Love from little-old Perth, Rhi :) xx

*If you think about it, corniness is usually the result of an overarching truth. Mind blown.

May 22, 2012

Le fotografie: a fairly pointless blog about my spectacular day.

I had a day off today. Like an actual sleep-in and do whatever I like kind of day off. No work, no uni, no obligations. It was incredible! I don't think this has happened since my last shoulder reconstruction in November 2011, and that was only because I couldn't get out of bed for more than 10 minutes without needing a nap.

I took my time eating breakfast. I went to the gym (to fend off dislocato girl and make sure there are no more pesky surgeries). I did some Italian study and had a bit of a snooze. I played Mario Bros on the wii! Can you believe it? I had time to play Mario!! I'm still a little in shock.

I baked anzac biscuits with my dear older brother, Rohan, and then I caught up with Nageena to chill out, drink coffee and - the best part - steal my little brother's longboard and skate around the park near my house. I'm so chilled out right now it's ridiculous.

Hope you all had (or have) an absolutely lovely day :) Rhi xx

If you like, I might be able to talk Rohan into guest posting his anzac recipe?
They're pretty tasty!!

Climbing up arbours.
Life is better when you're somewhere off the ground.

The only way to wear vans - minus the laces :D

How have your days been? Regale me with your stories! Good? Bad? Meh? I want to know!

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May 17, 2012

Feeling relaxed and mellow :)

Now that all my major essays are (almost) done and dusted, I feel so relaxed and mellow! I'm still a little stressed - in the back of my mind I'm thinking about my exchange application that is due in two weeks, the impossible politics quiz due next week, and the upcoming week of doom for Italian (when they've set us about a thousand tests in one week), but it doesn't seem to matter right now because my essays are done! Finito! Finally! :P

And all I want to do, is laze around. I want to get excited about the units I'm planning to study in Milan next year. I want to read the latest Frankie magazine, and my brand spanking new copy of A Tale of Two Cities, that have been sitting on my bedside table for the past 6 weeks begging to be read. I want to go to Fremantle with my brothers or my friends, eat crepes at Fidel's Cafe for breakfast, get coffee from Tim (the brilliant barista from Black Cherries espresso) and then traipse around the markets, buying fruit and buckwheat flour to make banana bread. I want to test out some new recipes, keep teaching myself how to sew, and watch a movie. And I really would like to catch up on all the blogs that I've recently discovered, but have been too busy to keep up with.

Piccolo Lattes.
Tim's Handiwork & Nageena's photography.
Now that I've finally started exploring the blogosphere - 50 blog entries and a year after I started this thing - I'm really excited to make some new friends. There's so many fantastic pages out there, with fantastic tales of travel and fashion, of cooking and of life just in general. There's beautiful photos, recipes and links to hilarious and inspiring things. I've never been that excited about the internet - I like paperback books and handwritten letters. I like catching up with friends in person, and meeting people for the first time in real life, without the awkward 'I have seen your face in my facebook feed. It appears there almost every day and so I know an awful lot about you'.

But blogging seems so different! It's a way of getting to know people from all over the world, who have actually put themselves out there to be found - who want to share the things that they are interested in. And I'm so excited about it!

First though, I should probably do that quiz. And the exchange application... But I can't promise I won't be sneaking in a few glances at all of your rad blogs while I'm at it :P

Over and out.
Rhi xx

Reasons I shouldn't let my friends use my phone :P

Taking hipster photos of uni at night.

PS. Scuse the iphone-edited, hipster photos. I have a bit of a thing at the moment for grainy photos and so I get a little overexcited using camera+ :P

May 12, 2012

Knowing what to do with $10 million...

Using all my skills, I've managed to tailor yet another research essay to the subject of global inequality and it's kind of got me thinking about something somebody asked me not so long ago. I've decided to write it down so that the thoughts will stop interrupting my brilliant essay-related ideas, and publish it here because, well, it's always good to keep this space at least a little updated :P Or, for those that can't be bothered reading, I've been good and posted a few recent snaps as well :)

Somebody asked me the other day what I'd buy if I won $10 million on the proviso that I spent it selfishly. I spent a long time trying to convince them that if I was acting entirely selfishly, I'd have to take into account the feeling of guilt that I know I wouldn't be able to shake if I spent $10 million on a house overlooking the river, a fancy car, a designer wardrobe, or a lifelong supply of coffee. If you accept that, then I should be allowed to use a vast majority of the money to help in decreasing social and economic inequality, and pay off my parent's mortgage, because these are the things that would make me happy. They didn't buy into it, and so I was at a loss.


What the hell would anyone do with $10 million, all for themselves? House, car, designer wardrobe, travel, private jet - the possibilities seemed endless but I didn't particularly like any of them.

I supposed I'd buy a small apartment or house in Freo, and maybe a little holiday house or two - nothing fancy cause simple and a little rustic is much more my style - perhaps a beach shack in Yallingup and a little shed that I'd renovate in Exmouth? I'd get a ticket to travel the world, and I'd go back to India. They said I couldn't go to India because they knew I'd use my time and money there to try and help everyone else. They were right, and so I thought about it some more.

India, from The India Project

"Are you sure I can't at least pay off my parent's mortgage? What if the only reason I'm paying it off is because when they're stressed, I'm stressed, and so paying it off is selfish because I only want to increase my own happiness?"
"Except I know you care about your parents happiness, thus that reason would be a lie. So, no."

Oh my... Is it even possible to spend $10 million on travel? I'd really like to travel. I suppose I wouldn't be able to resist buying some clothes and little trinkets, a surfboard and a longboard. I'd buy a lot of books, some new CDs and a watch or two. I really like watches.

I'd also throw an epic party, with great food that I cooked with my Mum and little brother, and with good friends and rad cocktails.

"Do you think I've spent $10 million yet?"
"You're way off."

I just physically cannot comprehend how one person could spend $10 million entirely on themselves. It's a completely absurd amount of money.

What would you do if you had that amount? And you couldn't just leave it to sit in a high interest bank account unless the money you earned from that was also spent entirely selfishly?

I genuinely can't think of anything...

Actually! I've thought of one more thing! I'd get myself an old datsun ute, and fix it up so it's all new, shiny and wonderfully efficient on the inside, but old and crappy looking on the outside, because I'm cool like that :P

Still don't think that would get me to $10 million though...

PS. Sorry for my absence! I've had so much on with uni, and still do! I'll do my best to post more regularly, reply to your lovely comments and read your wonderful posts, but it might take me a little while. With love from my study desk, Rhi :P xx

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UWA Arts Union Charity Gala.
With Mike & Nageena.
With Chloe and Nageena.

Running through the rain.
It's kinda a little bit fun...except I think I should get some gumboots :P

@ Grill'd.

Dinner with the ever-wonderful Lauren and Nageena (she's behind the camera) :P

May 05, 2012

Surfing in the USA


For as long as I can remember, I've thought I had the potential to be excellent at everything.
For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to surf.

When I started at a new school in Grade 10 - senior school - the thing I was most excited about was that they ran a surf camp, so I quickly set to work convincing my parents to let me go. I told them my knees (which have since earned me the name Dislocato Girl) hadn't been too sore lately, and that my shoulders were all good. That surfing would be good for me, it would build up my muscles and keep me active. They said yes, and for the few months leading up to it, all I could think about was getting into that water and riding a wave; being one of those people I'd admired since I was a little kid.

On the day of the camp, I could't sit still in class. My feet were twitching, my hands were fidgeting, my brain would wander and I'd end up smiling a cheeky smile in classes that, on that day, could not have been any more dull.

We got onto the bus and I was still full of nervous anticipation. We drove for what seemed to be forever, and when we finally got there, all we got to do was look out at the tumbling, swirling ocean. The surfing would have to wait until tomorrow.

6am on Saturday, and I was up and raring to go. No matter about the dark grey clouds or the other girls who weren't nearly as irrationally excited as I was, I was gonna get out into that water, and it was going to be amazing. I'd stand up on my first try, and somebody would tell me I'm a natural. All my dreams would have come true.

I pulled the wetsuit over my body with all my might, sighed like the other girls about having to wear a helmet, but secretly didn't care. I listened eagerly to what the instructor was telling me. I was paddling through the sand, jumping up and singing 'surfing in the USA, woohoo!!' even though everyone thought I was ridiculous. And then, my time came.

"So, who wants to go first?"
I looked around nervously, hoping no one would put their hand up, and then, with fake reluctance and another cheeky grin, "I'll go."
"Aye! We have an adventurous one! I'll be nice to you for not being scared to make a fool of yourself."

I waded out into the freezing water, glaring yellow foam board alongside me, and the instructor teasing me gently. I was determined. I was preparing myself. I wasn't going to fall off the board and be laughed at, I was going to stand tall. The other girls would be in awe, the instructors would be excited to find a great talent, and I'd be riding on the top of the world.

I jumped onto the board, and had a couple false starts. "Ooooh here comes a good one! Oh wait, no, we'll just have to wait for the next set to come through."

And then it came, looming on the horizon. A wave that was positively tiny but perfect for my aim came rolling towards me.

"Ready?! GO!" The instructor pushed me deftly into the white wash, I mistook the adrenalin in my veins for the push of the wave they'd told us to wait for, leapt off of my chest and onto my feet, ready for my moment of glory, and slid straight off the back of the yellow beacon into ice cold water. I forgot everything they told me about protecting my head and just kept on getting pummelled until the wave couldn't go any further. I came up spluttering, looked around and wondered what had gone wrong. I turned back to the instructor and she grinned, "woohoo! You jumped way too early! Bit too excited, hey? Oh well, come back and try again, yeah?"

There's still hope yet, I told myself, and pushed stoically against the waves as I trekked back to the instructor and my friends cheered me on.

As I lay on the board, looking back and waiting for the instructor to pick me the perfect wave, I prepared myself again. This time, I'd do it. This time, I'd wait for that rush. But as it turned out, that time, I'd wait too long for the rush. That time, the white water would come and I'd lay waiting on the board, before it tumbled us over, and I was in the drink once again. I relaxed a little into the pummelling waves, and waited for it to spit me out. I came up spluttering, shook my head and shrugged back at the instructor. My friends giggled gleefully and I became all the more determined. It would happen.

I turned back, body encased by swirling currents, and fought my way through the ocean back to the instructor.

"Okay, one last try and then you can start pushing yourself into them. I need to help the others."

Rhianna, this is your chance. You're going to do it. You can pull it off. Ready? The voice in my head encouraged hesitantly.

I looked back to the horizon, waiting for the sweeping wall of water, no longer sure of my own dexterity. My instructor got excited, "woah-oh this is a good one! In three, two, ONE!!!"

I was off and I was up. I felt that white water hit the back of my foam board, moved my hands to hold onto its rim, jumped onto my feet, keeping low and crouched down. I wobbled a little, and slowly rose up, my face set in determination. It was like learning to stand up all over again. Slowly, slowly, I pulled myself upward, straightening out my legs until I was up, I was standing, and I was grinning and whooping like never before. My arms went out triumphantly and I laughed. The adrenalin was pumping though my nervous veins, my friends were clapping and cheering me on, and I was finally on top of the world. I rode it out for as long as I could, and that still felt too short, jumped back into the water and looked at my friends.


They all laughed at me and I wasted no more time going back for more. I spun the victorious piece of yellow foam around, adjusted my ankle strap and ran back out to do it all over again.

It's been a tad over six years since this day, and I still remember it so vividly. I haven't surfed in such a long time (stupid dislocato girl), but it's coming, I swear. By the end of this winter I'm going to be out there. I'll be falling off my board and spluttering and being absolutely battered by the immense ocean, but just being out there with my hunk of beat-up fibreglass will put me on a high. Except this time, I'll know not to care about being the best. Because now I know, and it is probably one of the greatest lessons surfing ever taught me, that quite often, it's ok to just be average at something, but it doesn't mean you can't love it and keep doing it all the same.

I hope you're all having a radtastic weekend! I'm trying not to fall asleep while attempting to complete my cacophony of assignments, and dreaming of a surf, a good book and hot chocolate. Rhi xx

May 01, 2012


Some of you might remember the last post I wrote about Jim and Sam. Well, I realised it's been a long time since I've shared any of their story, and so I decided to give you the next paragraph of the last tidbit - a chapter which I have since entitled 'Highway'.

The heat of the bitumen scorched Jim's feet as he walked down the highway, his gait slow and hinting towards the feeling of pointlessness that had engulfed him. The overcast grey sky and the muted green, grey and brown of the native shrubs that shrouded the edges of the highway suited his mood, if only that sunlit patch of cloud would disappear.

As he stared down the cloud, he began to walk faster, willing it to disappear, to leave him alone. And as he walked faster, his mood changed. Jim began to see red - he was furious. It built up slowly, his parents, the mirror, his school, Sam, although how he came into it Jim wasn't quite sure. From one part of his life to another and there seemed to be something wrong with all of it, until he couldn't avoid it any more. The one thing that was really pissing him off, that made him walk out of his house and somehow end up on this highway which smelt a little of the exhaust left behind by speeding cars, and a little of the pungent trees that lined it...

*   *   *   *   *   *

I'm always nervous posting these little bits of writing online. Or showing anyone at all, actually. Even though I've never run down a highway, it is still very personal. In this post, I mentioned that my words are my sanity, and even though I'm not finding the times so tough right now, this still holds true. I want to put more of it on, but I have to wait for it to be right and often I'm never quite sure if it's ready yet. It's so conflicting!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :) I will post the rest of it soon I hope, I just need to fix up the next little bit, because it doesn't sound quite right yet.

And now just for fun, here are some photos of my day, which has really been quite rad :)

Some of the raddest people out, not to mention they make the best coffee in Perth.
Read my review of their coffee here.

Letting me pretend I'm a barista.

A note from a great friend.

Helping my cousin with his homework,
and re-remembering the horrors of the English language.

Being nerdy and getting overexcited about politics books.
Anyhow, it is almost 1am, and I need to be up at 6.30, so with that, I am going to ignore the insomniac within and attempt to sleep. Hope you're all having a grand day/night. 

Over and out
Rhi xx