October 29, 2012

Bits and Pieces: Take 5.

Thanks to Michael for taking this rad photo.
I kind of really like it :D

1 / At the photo shoot - the necklaces Chloe designed (if you wanna see more, you should go to this event) :D
2 / Finished my first B&W roll of film! Hopefully I'll be posting the results soon :D
3 - 8 / A perfect afternoon & evening spent traipsing through Fremantle, eating fish & chips, frolicking in the freezing ocean and rolling down hills.
9 + 10 / Hung out with this dude & his super cool dog after an awesome little afternoon tea (gin) housewarming we went to :)
11 / I love our back garden during the spring time!
12 / The annual Nelson-household garlic harvest.
13 / Procrastinating from essay writing by sketching my stationary.
14 / My desk in the midst of writing an essay. Comparative to the state it's in right now, this looks tidy. Agh!!

And now, I shall return to that essay, which was technically due about 7 hours ago... :P

October 28, 2012

Japanese Subversion: A photo shoot.

On Thursday afternoon I got a text from my friend, who is in her final few weeks of studying fashion, 'Hey Rhi. Any chance you're free 8-12 tomorrow to model for me?' My response, 'Am I ever!?' 

I've been dying to get a chance to wear the clothes Chloe makes since she started this degree three years ago, so even though I have two essays due this week, and a host of other assessments, I kind of couldn't say no. These are for her final lookbook and I think they're pretty freaking awesome!! :D

Not only that, but I got a glimpse at what some of the other girls have made and now I seriously cannot wait until their grad show, Arcadia, in a few weeks. If you're in Perth, you should come (information here). It's gonna be an awesome night! :D

October 24, 2012

The Demon.

Really, this part of Billie's story still needs a lot of work. This small chapter isn't quite right yet, but I don't think I'll have the courage to post it again - it's been sitting on my computer waiting to be revealed for a few months now, and I need some kind of kick up the butt to get stuck into it. Either that or a few more hours each day to sit and write as opposed to sit and study :P Anyway, enough from me. Let me know what you think :)

Henrietta Harris taken from my Pinterest.
Also from here :)

The steaming water streamed down Billie's naked back as she sat curled up on the shower floor. The white tiles gleamed at her while she held her knees encircled in her arms and allowed the sobs to heave out of her chest, the noise wrenching itself from deep within her. Even though she was soaked to the bone, she could still feel the tears tracing patterns along her cheek, lips and chin.

She couldn't understand it. She couldn't understand anything.

How someone so good as him would take an interest in her. How she would explain her past - the things she had done, the things she had seen. She couldn't understand how this emotion that she didn't realise existed or that she still had the capacity to feel - the strange sensations and the faint smiles that wouldn't leave her face, and him whispering to her that he felt the same - would lead to her sitting on this shower floor. Crying, crying, crying.

It was too much. She wanted to give up. To tell him that he had waited too long to find her in that alleyway. That she was already ruined, wrecked.

Her throat felt like it wasn't able to take anymore as another almighty sob hauled itself out of her body, and her head ached so much it felt like it was going to explode.

She couldn't pinpoint where this mass of emotion was coming from in her head, like it had taken over. The pressure of finding that place in her brain saw Billie begin to start weeping bitterly with her legs now crossed, arms wrapped around her stomach, and her back arched as she allowed her head to fall onto the gleaming tiled wall. Her thoughts left her alone as her eyes continued to fill up and spill over.

The water along her back began to feel like a warm cloak, a fort, a blanket, and slowly, slowly, Billie amounted the strength to stop the tears. She played with her toes as her arms fell spent by her sides and she pulled her head up.

When the water began to lose its steam, she crossed her feet at the ankles, held onto the shower taps and pulled herself up. She grimaced at her reflection in the mirror, half-heartedly wiping some of the water droplets off of her body, wrapped the damp towel around her breast and walked to her bed, shutting the door softly behind her. 

She let the towel fall to the ground, pulled on a clean, light pair of underwear - something small to make her feel innocent - and replaced the towel with her white sheet. As she nestled her head into her pillow, and held the sheet tight around her, the electric fan blowing cool air onto her hot face, Billie felt it would be okay. She had beaten the demon for another day, and now, with heavy eyes and a spent heart, she could sleep.

October 22, 2012

Bits & Pieces: Take 4

1 / Soaking up the spring weather with an outdoor common room.
2 / A Greaser & A Clockwork Orange. I love this photo.
3 / Early Halloween.
4 / Fish & Chips.
5 / Friday's Gig. All the guitars!
7 / Indie heaven. 
8, 9 + 10 / The Paper Kites.
11 / Saturday's Gig.
12 / 4 more colour frames to go & then I get to experiment with black & white film :D
13 / According to my instagram, "a warm spring evening, a smattering of orange blossom petals, a tree full of lemons and some chairs whose stories go beyond even my childhood. I am feeling nostalgic and lazy tonight." I know. I'm a dirty hipster :P

It has been a crazy, crazy week. I've been to two gigs (both involving the same bands and both involving ridiculous amounts of radness - also the purchase of two new EPs!) :D I rocked up to an early Halloween Party as a Clockwork Orange character with Nageena, I have worked 5 days, sat two assessments for uni, eaten a burger, and made an honest start on two major essays. I've started collecting Christmas presents, celebrated a birthday, laughed a lot at drunk people, eaten crepes for breakfast, missed sleeping in my own bed, replied to my emails, gone for a midnight swim, been complimented on my glasses so many times that I've actually lost count, over consumed coffee and apparently, haven't slept.

I don't know how to express the contentedness that has enveloped itself around me, except to say that I feel like I need a long nap, and then to do it all over again.

These are the times that make me feel alive.

October 21, 2012

The Art of Sleeping

You know you've hit upon a good band when you lose the ability to focus on anything but their music whenever one of their songs begins to play. 

I've seen these guys live twice this week, and if I could, I'd go out and watch them again tonight. 

Happy Sunday everyone :)

October 18, 2012

Caught on Film: Roll 1

The Pentax is finally working!!! I already said this on my coffee crawl posts, but it wasn't really as emphasised as much as it deserved, because this camera is a babe :P

For what we're going to call my first roll of film, I went through 24 exposures in double time, without thinking about composition and often forgetting to set the aperture, because I thought this roll would just turn up blank like its predecessor and I was just taking photos to make sure it was still broken before I took it back to the repairman. Turns out, it was when I finally stopped bothering about taking nice photos that it decided to work :D 

Still, like I said, this camera is a babe so there were still some lovely photos stowed away in that precious little packet of prints!

A special thanks goes to this guy for all his friendly photo-taking encouragement :)

PS. I've completely failed at crawling into a hole to study up. I figure there'll be time for that next week :P

October 16, 2012

Bits and Pieces: Take 3 (a day late).

1 / Even though they're cheeky and drop branches on my head, I will always love white- & red-tailed cockatoos.
2, 3 + 4 / Inspired by spring, clouds, amazing street performers & architecture.
5 / Spring Feast at uni - where we eat food from all around the world and revel in the atmosphere.
6 + 7 / Made some new friends. If you can read Swedish or like looking at photos from peoples travel adventures, you should check out their blog.
8 + 9 / Walked around an oval and hung out with uni kids to raise money for this worthy cause (also took a photo for this very cool project).
10 / Drank coffee and pondered the world with Nageena, all whilst wearing hipster vintage boots.
11 / Feared for my life :P

Happy Tuesday! I'm at the pointy end of semester for uni, so this place is going to be a little quiet for the next couple weeks while I manically attempt to finish my essays and study for my tests. I'll still try to stop by to say hello every now and then though :)

Hope you're all well & I shall try to catch up on your blogs in-between assignments because I miss visiting your rad spaces!!!

Over and out :)
Rhi xx