March 19, 2012

A trip down memory lane... Part 1

Every now and then I somehow end up trawling through old photos, whether they be the photos that are archived away in boxes around our house, or those that live in random files on my Mum's computer. No matter where I go hunting though, I always find things that make me laugh, that make me cringe, and that make me remember the good times, even if at the time I couldn't really enjoy it. 

It puts life in perspective once again, which is something I seem to constantly be losing and finding again. If anyone has a trick for holding onto that one, could you let me know please? :P

Hope you like le foto! :)

They were so little!
February 2007
Padre's 50th. Us being our usual crazy selves :) 
October 2008
Shit quality? Who cares!
We were such cool kids.
According to my father,
knowing how to pick up a bobtail is vital to one's education.
Wearing pink in honour of seeing my only female cousin :P
January 2011
February 2009
I've always loved this photo of mother-dearest :)
February 2007
Who knew attempting to clear out my usb could be so nostalgic?

Until next time! :)

PS. Terribly sorry about the ridiculous gap in posts. I'm back at uni and I've taken on a pretty heavy load, so I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. I promise to try my best and start posting once a week again! :)

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