April 20, 2011

On Uni Life

Ahh, uni life. It's awesome, but really kinda terrible. Drinking. Eating bad food, and, uhm...uncouthness? (I'm attempting not to freak out my mother). Oh, and don't forget the procrastination! Or rather, the reason I'm writing this rather random blog.

It's really weird seeing so many friends start uni a year earlier, and wondering what your missing out on, and getting there and realising how bad it actually is for you. Don't get me wrong, it's kind of radtastic. Skipping classes to chill with my cousins (who are 1, 3 and 7 years old), missing buses and not caring because hey, it's just philosophy! Getting about half as much sleep, eating macca's and drinking copious amounts of caffeine. The list goes on!

And then you remember you're actually there to learn stuff, and it's just so weird!

Anyways, enough of the rambling... I have half a paragraph of an essay to write... :/

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Bethia said...

i totally know that feeling.