April 02, 2011

Tipsy Ramblings and Possibilities

After a little bit of wine and a glass of OJ and vodka (with a bit too much vodka), I decided it would be a good idea to revamp one of my many blogs. The odds of this lasting are small, as I don't tend to drink enough to consider posting my ramblings online. In the meantime however, I hope this blog provides you with some form of entertainment (and an inclination to leave even more entertaining comments), beginning with something I typed up on my phone at the train station this evening :)

There is a feeling of anticipation. The air is almost buzzing. There are girls in short dresses and high heels, trying to stay afloat. Men in rugby jersey's and footy jumpers and men in freshly laundered shirts, wearing cologne. A lone office worker weaves through the crowds, thinking only of the comfort of home. A couple in their late 30s chew gum snidely, feigning youth.

The evening has brought with it cool air and endless possibilities.

The floating girls think of handsome men. The men think of victory. A trio of salty haired, pink cheeked surfers think of sleep.

I walk slowly behind three old ladies who take one step at a time. They've experienced the fast lane, and no longer feel the need to rush. For them, life is something to be enjoyed, savoured. I wish I could share in their wisdom, but I'm still thinking of all the possibilities. The never ending possibilities.