July 30, 2011


Yesterday, I woke up hungover and feeling utterly horrible. My friend Chloe, whose house I stayed at, and I, were just chatting, laughing, wishing we could get back to sleep. And then Chloe got a phone call. Our friend Guppy had passed away on Wednesday night.

It was sudden, and completely unexpected and I thought that it was some kind of weird joke. It's only just starting to hit me that he's gone. I didn't know Guppy as well as a lot of our friends, but I knew him well enough to know he was a pretty rad guy.

To Guppy's family, our hearts go out to you.

To Guppy, we all know we will see you again someday, but until then - rest in peace.

To everyone else, life can change so suddenly, so do your best to enjoy every minute of it.

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Cindy said...

I hardly knew him at all but it really hits home how unexpected life's twists and turns are :(
I'll always remember calling him and leaving him a voicemail of us singing the banana song