July 04, 2011

The Singapore Chronicles - June 30, July 1 & 2

Written on July 1
I reallyreallyreally don't want to go home :( I miss everyone there so much, but I just absolutely love it here! Singapore is such a beautiful place, it really is. The weather is beautiful, the food is amazing (although some mashed potato would be really nice), and the people that I've met are utterly rad! It seems like I have so much left to explore, and yet tomorrow, I'm going home!

But I digress! There will be plenty of time for me to reflect on everything that I have done this week later, and the depressing-ness of leaving before I've even really started learning about the culture and places in Singapore!  Instead, I shall tell you quickly about what I did in the last two days - if that is even possible - because it is rather late (2am) and I would quite like some sleep :P

Yesterday (Thursday), I had a not so busy morning, which was lovely. Bec and I chillaxed in the apartment, before going out to do some more shopping, eating sea food fried rice (so amazing!) and theeennn...the fun really began :D

Watermelon Juice in China Town :D

After a little while spent around China Town, we went to Orchard Road where we got bored in a 4-storey clothing shop, and then began to take epic amounts of photos :P All along Orchard Road there were drawings of different attractions, which Bec and I got a bit too excited about, before finding a table at the place we were meeting our friend Michelle at for dinner, and taking pictures of us pulling funny faces while we waited :P

Chilling with some random plastic people

Then we went to go on the Singapore Flyer, which is kinda like the London Eye. We were on a mass high and talking in weird accents so we had a lot of fun doing that :P The view was also absolutely stunning, especially because it was dark out, and Singapore at night is seriously rad.

Then, to continue our journey, we caught the MRT (train) to Clarke Quay, which is where clubs and bars and things are, met up with Bec's boyfriend, Xuan Kai, and went on the GMAX!!! :D Which is kinda like an upside-down bungee. Before we went on it, we were all freaking out! Xuan Kai and I were waiting in the line, and we watched these two other guys get strapped in, and the ropes pull up before it flings you up into the air, and all of a sudden they were gone. I still can't believe how fast it was!!! We still did it though and it was so much fun!

The Gmax (Picture from http://www.gmax.com.sg)

After that, we went down to an Italian cafe/bar sort thing, Bec kept buying me shots so I got a little drunk, ate some ice cream, and went home. It was a pretty radtacular day.

Written on July 2
On Friday my favourite part of the day was also the evening. Bec and I did some shopping during the day, saw a movie with Jen and Martha (some of Bec's friends who we had dinner with on Wednesday), went and at dimsum with Bec's Mum and Xuan Kai (which was rather hilarious), and theeenn...my favourite part of the day/night! :D

We met up again with Jen and Martha, and also Syaheera, ate some ice-cream at Ben & Jerry's, and then went and sat out on this deck type thing outside the shopping mall and played Uno. The weather was perfect, there were these Thai guys sitting behind us playing guitars, drinking beer (which we could smell) and singing quite loudly - which all added to the atmosphere - and Uno was masses of fun. It was kinda a really nice moment in time. I think it was a pretty great way to finish up my trip.

Anyways, I'm already missing Singapore. Bec, the people, the weather, the food, the apartment...so many things. I keep thinking perhaps I could go and live there for six months. It was such an amazing week, and I'm all eager now to travel and fully immerse myself in the culture of a place! But that'll come eventually I guess (or something similar). For now, I shall be content with my puppy sleeping in my room with me again and being at home with my wonderful family who all came to see me in at the airport :)

La famiglia at Rohan's 21st (July 3)

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