February 11, 2012

Photos, Resolutions and just a little bit of Manic Smiling.

I dare you to watch this videoclip and not smile or dance or even just laugh at the clip because you think it's slightly ridiculous* :P

In the last week I've made a few resolutions about this year and next. I won't tell you what they are bar one - this year, I am going to go for a surf, and just the thought of it has had me smiling all week. I've been a bit down and out because I can't go out and do the usual crazy things that I do - surfing, jumping off of high things into some form of water, even going for a run or a long walk - all these things have been off limits for me for so long, and it's been making my adrenalin-junkie self become more than a little crazy.

Thus it has been decided that this year, I shall go for a surf. It doesn't matter if I catch a wave or not - all will be good as long as I get out on the water with a foamie or my hunk of fibreglass that I like to pretend is a surfboard, and attempt to catch some waves.

With this in mind, I've spent a lot of time doing the small exercises that I can do and attempting to exhaust myself at the beach. It feels so incredible to be tired and have sore muscles because I've been overexercising, and not because something has dislocated! Does that sound strange to everyone else?

This kind of ridiculous happiness over the decision to just get out there and do it has also got me thinking - is there something you've wanted to do for a while? Like, a persistent desire to put yourself out there and try something or get back an old skill that you might have lost? Because if there is, you should do it. Or at least decide to work towards it. Hopefully, it will excite you beyond reason and make your days just that little bit happier. Maybe you'll end up like me and walk around smiling like a maniac for no apparent reason. It's absolutely grand.

Hope you're all well (and that you like these pictures from the week's adventures) :)

Serpentine Falls. Just casually :P
Eating chips and watching the storm clouds roll in.
The young'un getting his ball suit fitted.
I think I may have been more excited than him :P
Brownie the dog - coolest canine of all time.
Oh and Hi Mum and Dad! :P
*If anyone read that and said 'mission accepted' (and succeeded), I am oh so disappointed in you. Listen to it again and ignore my attempt at humour!!!

Over and out.

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