January 29, 2012


At first I found this song quite strange, but now I'm slightly addicted. Not only is Matt Corby a total babe, he is also ridiculously talented. The guy's voice is absolutely incredible and the emotion in this song seems so raw which I kinda love. Also the lyrics seem pertinent to a tough time that I went through last year with a few friendships ending rather abruptly, and in a weird way, this song is helping me to finally deal with it. Skip to 45 seconds in so all you have to listen to is the music and listen to it a few times so you can soak it all up :)

I haven't had much to write about lately, still don't really, but I thought I should at least make an attempt to update this thing :P So, in the name of regular blogging, I'm going to post some more pictures :)

Stayed at my Aunty & Uncle's farm for a few days.
I almost stole one of their chickens :P
Cleaning 400 eggs. Surprisingly relaxing.
Australia Day fireworks :)
19th birthday celebrations!!
Mike and I :)
Smoking is bad for you kids.
This photo is just way to cool not to post...
Until next time! :)

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