August 26, 2012

Op Shop Shoot: Book Haul

Ever since I started my op shop challenge, I haven't been able to restrain myself when I see a second hand book store. You can imagine then how excited I was when I walked into the Save the Children book sale at uni early last week and there were piles of lovely pre-loved books going for $2 or $3 a piece.

If I had my way, I would've bought out half the shop but given I'm a poor uni student and my somewhat damaged shoulders couldn't quite cope with the ones that I bought, it wasn't going to happen. Regardless, when this pile of books greets me as I walk into my room, I can't help but feel content.

The little blue patterned hardback is a copy of Pride & Prejudice.
Most definitely my favourite find, not that I needed another copy or anything :P
The red book on the top is Great Expectations.
The other red hardcover, Sherlock Holmes. 

My love of books at this stage of my life is probably madness. I already read upwards of 300 pages of academic reading a week for uni study (I've gone a bit hardcore this semester), so you'd think I'd avoid more words like the plague, but there is something about the feel and smell of old fabric bound hardbacks, or of soft paperbacks that will stay open under the pressure of just my thumb as I start to fall asleep, its stories still finding their way into my mind.

Staying up late with nothing but a good novel and the whirring of an electric fan in summer, or snuggled under a thousand blankets in winter, is one of the pure and simple joys of life, and I'm thankful to my op shopping challenge every day for fuelling that.

Speaking of, check out this fantastic book store Mum & I found today!
Take a step further and I would've been in a little room created by bookshelves :D
The place was utter chaos and I kind of wanted to just sit getting lost in the stories for a day or two.

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sonia de macedo said...

Amazing finds - I really need to get into opshops more frequently. I love old books but find I'm becoming way too lazy these days and settling for purchasing them online!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I got it first thing on a Saturday morning and it completely made my day! I've saved it and keep looking back when I've been feeling sh***y! You are so beautiful!
Have an amazing week Rhi!