August 04, 2012

Op Shop Shoot: Part 1

Yesterday afternoon I finally managed to meet up with two of my lovely friends, Lauren & Nageena, to get some decent photos of my op shop scores :)

I was a bit worried because I'm usually a bit awkward in photos, but they turned out so well! I definitely couldn't have done it without those two, so a massive thank you to them both!!

Glasses: $10 from Pigeonhole Vintage (plus lenses, I'm not that much of a dirty hipster) :P
Tunic: $7 from the Salvation Army in Perth City
Leggings: Country Road
Boots: Hobbs
Camera: (Freshly serviced and finally working) Pentax K1000
that my Mum has had for 33-years, and has passed onto me :)

Stay tuned for the second batch of photos tomorrow :)

Over and out.
Rhi xx


Nageena Maskinyar said...

Looks incredible :D xx

Amanda Rose said...

Great photos!

Amanda Rose