May 05, 2011

Baby Cauliflowers

Last night, my little brother was being a very typical male, and talking about poop, literally. His poo, other peoples poo, pictures of poo. It was really quite disturbing. Really, I wish I never knew that websites like "ratemypoo" existed, but now I do, and so do you :P

Anyways, eventually I said "You're so disgusting child!" And so Scott says to me, "You're the one wearing a dress shorter than a baby cauliflower!"  (Or something along those lines).

Oh man, it was so freaking hilarious. I'm not exactly sure where 'baby cauliflower' came from, but I thought I'd share the strangeness of my family with you all. Enjoy! :P


jessfarquhar said...


i cannot unlearn this now. ewww why would somebody make such a website!!!

Rhi Nelson said...

hahaha I know!!! It was rather disturbing, so I thought I'd make everyone else suffer as well :P

Alexandra Zhu said...

And now you know of