May 04, 2011

Rad (Disambiguation)

So, I realised at the beginning of this blog, I wrote that I would tell you about the word 'rad' and all it's wonderful variations. As of yet, this hasn't happened, and for that I am sorry. But now! Now, I shall reconcile this :)

Rad. It is a wonderful word. Used to express joy, happiness and generally of all things good. Coming from 'radical', and being shortened by cool surfer dudes to 'rad', I first came upon it when the phrase 'wiksickrad!' became cool momentarily when I was about 14 years old. I didn't use this phrase, because I didn't want to conform to the masses. Then, a few years later, I realised how much I was missing out on and began to say 'rad' quite frequently. By that stage, saying 'rad' was fairly odd, and people tend to laugh at me even now, but it will prevail!

It's making a comeback, actually. Opinions on the topic do vary, but this is bound to happen with everything in life. Anyways, moving on! Since beginning to say 'rad', I have been known to come up with variations of the word. Usage of these variations is often met with strange stares or laughing, but this is ok. Laughter is a good thing! I can't remember exactly in what way, but it does make people healthier and happier, even if it is at my expense... Again though, I digress!

The variations of rad I have created thus far are as follows:


And there are more, but you'll just have to read on to find mention of them in my future blogs...which will hopefully not be as strange as this one has been :P

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