May 27, 2011

Summer Skin

The towel floats in the wind as I force my tired arms to spread it evenly over the grass. As I lay down, prickling shivers run down my back and I can feel the tenderness of my sunburnt skin.

The sand at the foot of my towel, leading to the gentle river, sticks between my toes, and I begin to think I'd like to be in the saltwater. Pushing it away with my outstretched palm. Lazily propelling myself with a kick of my feet.

Then, the stubborn grass sticking against my forehead, I think of the cool water rushing past my body. Of the beach earlier that day, waves slamming against my feeble limbs. Standing and tumbling. Resurfacing and falling once again. Finally, my toes nudge a sandbank, and I stand with the midday sun warming my shoulders. Beads of water fall from my hair. I breathe deeply, and smile, unaware of my burning skin.

Back in reality, my back prickles with pain once again.

I pull myself up, heading for the soothing river. Dogs and their owners walk idly along the path. Kids with sunbleached hair bombie off the jetty. My Dad's snorkel juts out of the water, a fluro green and silver beacon.

I wade into the river and dive. Gliding through the water just as I'd imagined. I roll over, blowing a stream of bubbles through my nose and marvel at the sun, it's edges blurred innocently by the saltwater.

The ache in my back subsides, and I think perhaps I'd like to stand with the sun behind me, letting its rays warm my shoulders. Beads of water falling from my hair. I resurface, breathe deeply, and smile, momentarily unaware of my sunburnt skin.

So, it's not the best thing I've ever written, but it's from a place I'd rather be, sunburn and all! Which I know is a terrible thing to say, but man I'm missing summer, and seriously craving a trip to the beach. Anyone up for a swim in some bloody freezing saltwater? :P


Bethia said...

in all seriousness, I actually would be. ANY chance you actually meant the [craziness] of that last comment? I am missing being near water...
awesome words though :) i loved the bit about the sun blurred innocently by the saltwater... awesome awesome awesome. verily evokes that feeling. i do love the rain, but those words makes me ssooo nostalgic for summer.. :(

Rhi Nelson said...

Thank you!!! :D I love it when people like my words :)
Perhaps, as an end of exams celebration we shall do it, si? Just like when we went swimming fully clothed the day before my third surgery :D

Bethia said...


:) lovely lovely capitals :)

Rhi Nelson said...

22nd of June. It will be bloody freezing, and I'm fairly certain hot chocolate will be in order afterwards.

If anyone else wants to join, feel free!!!