June 29, 2011

The Singapore Chronicles - June 28 & 29

 So I started writing a blog for you all last night, but I felt really sleepy so I went to sleep instead :P Also, Bec slept early cause she was quite sick and so I couldn't get the photos. I have some now though!!!! :D

China Town! I like the lanterns :D

Yesterday morning, I slept in which was lovely, sat on the couch and tried to make facebook work (it wouldn't upload my photos!), and then we went to China Town and Little India!! We both got henna tattoos, I went a little insane buying trinkets, and I ate some more tasty food (shock horror) :P


Today, I had another sleep-in. Yay!!! :P Bec had her driving test, and passed with flying colours which is rather awesome :D Then we went shopping and I possibly went a little overboard. Shopping here is so amazing though! We went to a place called Bugis, which has a cool market type thing (but for clothes/shoes) and quite a few cheap vintage-ey shops. I was glad I had Bec with me though - she made sure I didn't spend far too much money :P

Such radacular stationary...

There's also a proper shopping mall there, where I bought ridiculous amounts of notebooks. They're so beautiful though! And books like that cost far more back home.

Afterwards, we went to meet some of Bec's friends and her boyfriend, who attempted to teach me how to say his name (which is Chinese) properly. I can do most accents, but ask me to pronounce something in Chinese and it fails so hard :P Speaking of accents, having never travelled before, it's so weird to think that other people hear me and I sound like an ocker Aussie. I find it rather entertaining :P I tried to say thanks in Chinese to a cab driver today, but it didn't really work. Anyways, that was rather entertaining. Her friends were also really sweet - they bought me a flower each and some really nice chocolate! It was a really nice night :)

I love gerberas! One of my favourite flowers :D

For dinner I had this Indian thing called prata, or something, which is so nomtious (and rather unhealthy). It's dough that you dip in a curry soup sort thing, and eat. I had lime juice as well while we waited, which is seriously tasty! I think I'm going to have to try to find some of it when I get back home.

Waiting for friends and dinner...

I'm sad tonight though, because I really love Singapore and yesterday it felt like I had such a long time left to explore, but today all of a sudden it seems like the time is going so fast! Only two and a half days left :( I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at home again though!

It's ok though, I can always come back again :D

Lots of love headed your way!

...what a weird phrase. I kinda like it haha :P

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