October 08, 2011

Don't think, you'll ruin it.

So, I've spent the last two and a bit days working pretty solidly on my politics essay, (with a brief interlude to the Fremantle markets for coffee, of course), and I keep finding myself listening to this guy's playlist on repeat. I don't mean to, but I hit play on the first song, and then get really involved in my essay and realise two hours later that I all of a sudden know the lyrics to songs whose existence I only discovered 48 hours ago haha :D

Anyhow, I thought I'd share the joy.

Despite the assignments, life has been good lately. If you read the last post, you'll know I'm getting a bit overexcited about summer, but moreover, I've started to do things without thinking so much. It's kinda fun.

I went to a friend's gig on a whim last week, which ended in some rather entertaining drunken shenanigans. I asked a barista/photographer, who I regularly go and annoy on Sunday afternoons, if he'd show me how to put film in my Mum's 30-year old Pentax K1000 properly (cheers Tim!), and have since started snapping some random photos. I don't even know if I used the right film, but I figure I'll get the hang of it. And, I got the butcher down the road to teach me how to break down a chicken, because it seemed like a useful thing to do.

Cello, we have a bass!
Dublin Jazz Aunts

Pure radness.

Cool kids and great food.
I wish I could do an urbanspoon review of Scott and Sasha's cooking. Coming home to homemade meatballs al pomodoro was pretty fantastic :D

Hope life is treating you all equally well!

"Let me out of this cage, before I swell up with rage
And let me sing to old age, before I'm done
Let me shout to the skies, that I'm too young to die
And that fate will never stop me from trying."

Roo Panes - Open Road


Cindy said...

oh rhi, you and your drunken shenanigans. I miss waffles

ps. ILY :P and yeah, I'm pretty awesome...

Rhi Nelson said...

I miss waffles as well! The young child hasnt cooked them in a long time...