October 01, 2011

Hot Tods

I realised that I lied in my last post. The Beatles isn't quite as far as I get when it comes to listening to older music - I'm also a little in love with Crowded House. Although, just out of curiosity, does music from the late '90s/early noughties count as old yet? Because that would vastly expand my old music repertoire :P

Also, just a little music trivia for you - did you know that Neil Finn actually said this song was his homage to The Beatles, as well as an attempt at sounding like them?

I've had quite the amazing week. Not quite enough work (although I've still managed to watch about 20 lectures), far too much drinking, catching up with old friends and lots of other fun shenanigans.

Chilling by the Docks

Our version of 'study'

Cool kids.
On the downside though, almost all of my family members have been sick this week. I thought I'd managed to evade the dreaded cold, but alas my throat is suddenly really quite sore... So, I thought I'd share my favourite cold cure with you all (even though winter is technically over).

Hot Tods
What you will need:
  - Juice of 1-2 lemons
  - 2 shots of brandy
  - Tbsp of honey
  - Hot water

Mix them all in a large mug, and voila! Not only will it help you sleep and stop your throat from hurting, it also tastes amazing (and may give you a bit of a buzz) :P

Side note: Somebody told me the other day, they read my blog but don't follow it because they think they'd come across as stalkerish. It's not stalkerish! I post them on facebook for the whole world to see, so follow away!! (Please?) :P

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Cindy said...

Hehehe yet to hear in detail of all your adventures ;) Lol that makes them sound so sneaky