November 12, 2011


Washington is cool, and stuff. Seriously, she's cool though, right?

I was scrolling through photos on my phone today, and you know what, clouds are really super cool. I've always been a fan of looking upwards, because you never know what cool things you might see, but clouds, seriously? They're the most amazing things out! To a very arts-minded person, the idea that a mass of water can float in the sky, at least until it gets too heavy*, is kind of mind-boggling. Anyways, if ever you're feeling down about how much the world fails, I'd recommend two things:

If it's summer, go outside and enjoy the feeling of the sun on your back.

If it's winter, go outside (or look out the window), and marvel at the clouds, especially at sunrise or sunset. Hopefully, they'll blow your mind.

Or if you're lucky, you can do both at the same time. Ah the joys of spring :D



Transperth Clouds.

Bec taking sneaky photos of me looking up... :P
*If that's not what happens, I don't wanna hear about it. I like my ideas about clouds and how they are like floating marshmallows :D

**You know what's really entertaining? I took the sunrise photo walking to the bus stop, I took the sunset photo walking home from the bus, and I took the other photo waiting to be picked up from the traino...

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Cindy said...

I loveeeeeeeeeee clouds! let's go out and take photos sometime! totally have hipster settings on my camera ;)