November 23, 2011

A domani

I have been a terribly terrible blogger of late because of all that has been going on, exams, for instance, and unfortunately, this is a little note to let you all know that it's only going to get worse.

Tomorrow, the dreaded day will have arrived and I'll be having my 4th joint reconstruction. It's the left shoulders turn to face up to the living hell that will ensue, but at least after that I think there aren't many more things they can operate on :P Either way, I shall be in a sling for the next 8 weeks and given my hatred of one-handed typing I doubt I'll be spending much time writing up blogs.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying freedom from exams (or almost freedom) and I shall see you on the other side :)

Over and out.
Rhi :)

You should all do some fun stuff like this...
...and spend a lot of time at this place to make up for my inabilities :P

*Just in case anyone with knowledge of Italian reads this, I know 'a domani' is Italian for 'see you tomorrow', and that it's not really that correct, but I don't particularly care.


Punk Chopsticks said...

Nice post!!! Ahahaha comeon, exams are wayyyy more important (And I'm saying this in the middle of my SPM)
I haven't jumped on a pogo stick in AGES. Thanks so much for putting that pic there xD

Rhi Nelson said...

Hahaha thanks :)
It's actually not a pogo stick! It's a scooter, but now I am definitely going to hunt a pogo stick down once I recover from this surgery... :P

Rhi Nelson said...

Oh and good luck with your exams :)