November 04, 2011


If only I were a better fan, I would've known about this song and been able to post it on "I'll dance 'til I die"! They go together perfectly! In any case, you can listen to it now, because it's still a rather lovely song, even if the combination of Death Cab and happy music does weird me out a little...

I finished classes for the semester yesterday, finally. It's been a really tough semester so this is an epic milestone for me :D Also, terribly sorry about the lack of blogging lately. I've been mighty distracted. I actually spent a weekend there looking like I'd been hit by a car - leg in an epic brace, arm in a sling and drugged to a ridiculous degree - so I wasn't really all that inspired. Anyhow, I'm back now, sadly still lacking in sufficient inspiration, but I'm sure we'll get there :)

Hope you're all fantastically well and enjoying the warmer weather!

Photo courtesy of Christian Fletcher

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Cindy said...

I finished today! To freeeedommmmmmm...after exams :/