December 02, 2011

Happiness and The Smiths - One week down.

I'm writing this blog because of something I read in Smith Journal, so I was going to post a song by the Smiths, but ended up with a scene from 500 Days of Summer, one of my all-time favourite movies, featuring Hall & Oates and the mighty attractive Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But I figure that works (somehow) because 500 Days of Summer is what got me into The Smiths in the first place... :P

One week post-surgery and things are going well...except I decided to stop taking pain meds because they were giving me headaches of epic proportions and so now my brain is returning, and I am getting antsy. I'm so bored!

And then I read this thing in Smith Journal, which is a pretty rad magazine that you should totally get a hold of, and it helped a little. The next 5-7 weeks of hell-in-a-sling means no more dislocating shoulders, which will be well-worth it and I'm sure will help with this dudes* notion of happiness which I really like, so I just have to focus on that.

This is an uncomfortable word, too full of associations of cheerfulness and mindlessness. I prefer fulfillment. The goal is to have a fulfilled life, which may have enduring periods of great difficulty, but in the name of something worthwhile**. Also, it feels vital to conceive of happiness as something one might, at best, sample in 10-minute bursts. To imagine a decade of happiness seems insane - happiness is a rich food that we can't stomach for very long. We're creatures of anxiety and apprehension. That's how we survived."

And besides, there's a stress ball attached to my sling and who doesn't like stress balls?

*Alain de Botton, who is apparently an author and philosopher.
**My friends and family are making this far less difficult though - thanks everyone :)

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