December 31, 2011

On walking, the new year, and a guy who makes great coffee...

The heat of the bitumen scorches Jim's feet as he walks down the highway, his gait slow and hinting towards the feeling of pointlessness that had engulfed him. The overcast grey sky and the muted green, grey and brown of the native shrubs that shrouded the edges of the highway suited his mood, if only that sunlit patch of cloud would disappear. It was too hopeful...
Photo courtesy of Timothy Lock Photography,
A man who not only takes rad photos, but also makes some fantastic coffee at the Fremantle Markets
You should go and try one sometime, and ask him what he got up to in Scotland while you're at it
I've been writing little tidbits about Jim and Sam lately, but I only ever seem to be able to write a few sentences at a time before it becomes forced (the little bit above this is yesterday's effort). Does anyone have any suggestions for curing writer's block? My personal opinion is that some time lying on the ocean floor staring at the sun would help, but until this dratted sling comes off that's not an option. Oh well, only one more week! :D

On a more cheery note, buon anno! I hope you all have a fantastic night and make the most of the year ahead. I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but this year I have thought of one - make it through the year without having surgery :P Wish me luck!

They're so rad :D

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