January 05, 2012

Home Grown

Check out James Brown's funky dance moves :D

Look Mum! Two hands!
I am unofficially* free of my sling!! Woohoo :D 

To celebrate, I made my lunch all by myself! Makes me feel like a little kid finding something so small so exciting, but it's been the little things that have made being in the sling-of-doom not so nice - needing help everytime I wanted something to eat, not being able to go for a swim at the beach and needing people to tie shoe laces for me... Thus it will make the little things that I can do that will make getting rid of the sling so grand!

For example, making myself lunch and using homegrown, handpicked tomatoes while I'm at it :D Even though I'm not at all responsible for these tomatoes, it's still kinda joyful going outside and rummaging around to find a few little yellow fruits that haven't been entirely devoured by bugs. Perhaps when my arm's back to full working order I'll try to get something growing in the garden outside my room, afterall, last time I tried that I did end up with a loquat tree...

Om nom nom :D
The loquat tree I grew from a seed...
*The joys of medical politics means I'm not officially out of my sling - I have to wait for my ortho surgeon to give me the go ahead on that one :P

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Cindy said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY now when are you free so we can finally hang out?