April 24, 2012

The India Project: Day 3

Where we spent our 2nd night.
Night train from Chennai to Mysore.
Today, we visited Mysore palace. The place is huge and when it was built, in the very early 1900s, it only cost 55,000 pounds which seems like so little now!! But as our tour guide told us, you couldn't even get one of the doors from the palace for that much today. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed inside, so I just have two of its front, which is a shame because the detail in every tiny little corner of the palace is just so incredible. Words can't even begin to describe! I suppose the lack of photos will mean you all just have to go and visit Mysore and India yourselves :P haha, if only!

All dressed up in my Indian garb :D

I started to feel at home in India today, and it all began on the climb up the mountain and the road's 36 hairpin bends...

There is an image etched into my mind of a woman standing on a cement block on the edge of the hairpin turns. Her clothes are billowing in the wind - a long green skirt and a bright long-sleeved shirt. She's one of the first people I've seen and I'm still wondering what possessed someone to build a town at the top of a 7500ft tall mountain. Her feet are bare as she stands surveying the world around her, she catches me watching. I smile and she returns the smile bashfully. It's strange to think that because I'm white a smile means so much.

As we go further up the mountain, it feels like going home. There were eucalypts and the smell of wood fired smoke. Horses, cows and dogs walk around as they please. Of course it isn't home though. In Australia, people would find the old, colorful houses - bright pink, blue, purple, green, yellow - to be garish and out of place, even though they're so beautiful here. The people at home don't roam around the streets like they do here. There's more than one road rule, and there wouldn't be the faint smell of incense. It doesn't matter though, this part of India is the most beautiful I've seen yet. I just wish I could jump out of our car and explore, take photos of the architecture, the winding roads, the plantations, and most importantly, the people.


Hebron School
Apparently that's white washed.



Jess F said...

55000 pounds would be equivalent to 1,578,291 pounds today! Which is $2,276,388 Aussie dollars! so that's actually how much the Mysore palace cost to build. There's a fun fact for you ;) hahaha... my economics degree is useful after all lol.

btw i'm reading all of your india posts like a creepy stalker... and enjoying it thoroughly ;)

Rhianna Nelson said...

That seems a lot cheaper than I expected! Good work on the maths.

Woo!! I love it when people read my posts ;) Not sure about creepy stalkers though... :P

Hannah said...

gorgeous photos! thanks for your lovely comment. i don't know if you saw but i've just come back from India a couple of weeks ago!! if you flick back my older posts you'll be able to see the photos. we were travelling around the north though so we went delhi - agra - jaipur - pushkar - jodhpur - delhi! such an amazing place.. i know what you mean about the indian men and cameras though, it could be a little intimidating. especially when we were 4 girls travelling alone! we met some lovely people though too so all the attention wasn't always bad attention!

here's the link if you want to look at the post: http://raspberrykitsch.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/palaces-pashminas-silks-saris-samosas.html

Hannah xx


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this post. It reminds me how much I would love to travel someday !

Ilka von Torok said...

Beautiful photos:)
xx Ilka

sonia de macedo said...

This place looks so breathtaking surrounded by those beautiful mountains. I guess one of the reasons for building their village on that exact spot was to capture the views! I've just added this to my list of places in India! Amazing journey you are on and can not wait to read more! Followed!