December 13, 2012

Caught on Film: Black & White, Take 1

By the time I finally got this roll of film developed, I could hardly remember taking half of the photos!! Film photography really is all a giant learning process. There's the obvious things, like learning to frame a photo, remembering to set the aperture and considering the lighting, but more than that, patience and thoughtfulness come to mean completely different things, especially in this 'now, now, now' little world of ours. 

One of the reasons I tell people that I started my photography ventures with the Pentax is that often, with my iPhone, it's the photos that I look at straight after taking and think 'ugh' that end up becoming my favourites (if I haven't already deleted them on a whim). I figured, by taking photos on film I'd force myself to really learn about photography and maybe to change my own ideas about what I like, about what I find beautiful or challenging or just worth keeping, really. But it has somehow become a lot more than that - it has become a constant lesson in thoughtfulness and restraint on one hand, and spontaneity and just jumping in there on the other... 

Anyways, enough of my vaguely philosophical rambling!! Hope you enjoy the photos - there's plenty more to come :)

Over and out.
Rhi :)

This one taken by the lovely Tim Lock :)

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