December 11, 2012


I almost didn't come home tonight. As I stepped off the bus and onto the grass verge that lines the street, all I could think of was the warm air that suddenly took a hold of me, the slight breeze with a hint of a chill that I spend the cold months longing for and dreaming of. Street lamps lined the way home, but all I wanted to do was to lie down on the grass and watch the lightning flickering on and off to the west. I took smaller, slower steps. I stopped to stare openly at the holes in the cloud that seemed to reveal the brightest of stars. I don't remember instructing my feet to move forward again but eventually I found myself standing on the line between my house, and my neighbour's front lawn. I sighed, resigned. And so I find myself sitting here, a yellow daisy from the line between my neighbour's lawn and my own reminding me of that wonderful feeling of being enveloped by beautiful summer air and wanting nothing more than to share it with the world... 

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Ms. Cathy said...

Oh Rhi! That was SUCH a beautiful post. It reminded me how gorgeous the little things in life are and how we mustn't ever ever forget that living in such a vast world. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, dear! Hope all has been well with you as well! Hugs from USA!!!

Cathy Trails