June 25, 2011

The Singapore Chronicles - June 24 & 25

June 24 2011
I wish I was writing this blog during take-off. My inner monologue was going slightly insane. I officially love flying...except I dont like clouds cause they block my view :P

Anyways, for now, I am sitting in a cramped chair, with a book, a magazine, my iPod and some mentos. Freaking cant wait to land - its kind of awesome when the plane is on an angle.

..oh and theres a bit of turbulence. Thats rather odd.

So, it just dawned on me - I am sitting in a giant metal container thats gotta weigh a damn lot, 20-something-thousand feet in the sky. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?? I dont even think rad (or any of its variations) is satisfactory to describe how cool this is.

The endless white noise makes it feel like weve still only just left. Its like bein in a weird state of limbo.

Also, I have discovered that me, sleep and planes are not a likely combination... Although, that could just be that its still only 11.35 :P


The air hostesses relay the safety procedures like a well-rehearsed dance. One stands in the middle, one stands in the front, and another speaks into the microphone.

"To inflate the life-vest, pull the orange cable tightly", to which the two standing in the aisles mime the actions. "The emergency exits are..." Anticipating her words, the two motion to either side of the plane.

The girl in front of me wears a bored expression as she gestures to the safety manuals that should be in front of our seats.

I know I should be paying attention but the plane has begun to move and Im curious. Turning my head, I stare out of the tiny window, like a gold fish in a round glass bowl. Suddenly, the lights on either side are no longer vanishing at a snails pace. The plane tilts upwards, and a smile takes shape on my lips.

June 25 2011
What a day! Ive been walking around in a bit of a daze. Having flown in the dark, I feel as if when I was up in the sky I didnt move too far. Singapore feels like a strange kind of alternate univerese. It's awesome though! Every hour or so Id get really excited and start grinning, "Bec! Im in Singapore!"

We spent the day shopping - over 6 hours out of the house, and we only went through two shopping malls. The shops are bizarre, and after a while I thought it might be nice to see the sky again. Coming from Australia, you can usually get too far without going outside :P It eas so much fun thou! Very different to Australia - the clothes, the culture, the food...oh my lord the food!

Its utterly amazing, but I can already tell that by the end of the week Ill be craving some good old meat & 3 veg :P I ate duck rice (with a crazy hot sauce), some weird sticky jelly, so many tidbits of weird food (including a mini dried fish...head and all) and an amazing laksa made by Becs mama. It also had some crazy hot sauce. Hopefully by the end of the week, I wont look like a tomato after one spoon of some new kind of food (with crazy hot sauce).

Oh and I had starbucks today! Bec mentioned it and I got ridiculously excited. I plsn oj drinking far too much of it this week :P

Anyways, I should probably get some sleep. Were going out on Becs Dads boat tomorrow :D Should be good!

PS. Im putting this uo on my iPad, so no photos as of yet. I promise Ill try to put some up soon though :)

Love, Rhi :)

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