January 14, 2012

The Greenhouse

So I went to the Greenhouse this morning with a few friends for breakfast/brunch, and the place is amazing!

We all spent a long time agonising over what to order because their menu is so different to the usual. Every person there ordered something different, ranging from spanner crab congee (kinda like porridge or risotto), steak and quail eggs, and a breakfast pizza that this morning took the form of a sweet calzone (basically pizza that's made, and then folded in two, so the dough becomes a bit like a crust).

Spanner Crab Congee. Pretty cool, huh?
Pancake, roasted pineapple, clotted cream.
Check out the OJ in the background!
It all looked brilliant, and it makes me want to go back a few times, so I can try all of the Greenhouse's offerings. This morning I went with the pancake with roasted pineapple and clotted cream, purely because I was curious about the combination of pancakes and pineapple. I had my doubts, but given my very limited knowledge of which flavours work with what, I decided to trust the people who know and give it a try, and it was well worth it! A bit bitter, a bit sweet, and you could taste the flavours of the pan on the pancakes - I love slightly burnt butter a little too much...reminds me of when I was a kid and Mum would make us apple pikelets after school :)

But I digress, to the important part - the coffee! And oh my I'd go back there just for that. I had an iced coffee, and much to my delight when I asked for it without cream or ice cream, I was told that's how it's usually done, with a little sugar syrup. I'm not big on sugar in coffee, but I was pretty keen to try this because I remember a friend saying the best coffee she had had was somewhere in SE Asia, I'm thinking it was Malaysia, where they understand the joys of sugar syrup. Twas rather nomtious, the sugar wasn't overpowering and the coffee was obviously well poured.

Anyways, that's my semi-pretentious food blog for the day :P Hope you find it useful!

Breakfast at the Greenhouse will set you back anywhere from $10-$22, and there's a huge variety of drinks, including breakfast cocktails if you feel like getting a little rowdy at 9 in the morning :P

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Oh and please excuse the lack of photo's! I'll steal them from my friends soon enough and put them up, but I was a bit distracted by this piece of radtacular artwork, and busily plotting ways to steal it, despite the fact that it was huge...

Just chilling after brekkie...

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