May 28, 2012

Perspectives: Part 1.

I'm in struggle town guys, I really am. I think I've burnt myself out - overloading at uni, with a 2 week overseas trip in the middle of it which wound up in a very sick me - it has all been a bit too much. Of course, that last part couldn't have been foreseen, but you know...

I wouldn't take any of it back (except for maybe the anthropology unit I decided to take :P) but that doesn't stop the fact that struggle town is here and I need to find a way to de-stress and step away from it all. I wish it was summer, I usually go and chill out on the ocean floor for a while when I feel this way and then everything feels better.

But seeing as it's really cold, and I don't want to get sick again, I have another idea. I did this once last year and suddenly everything became a lot easier. Before it, I found I was wishing away time. I was always looking forward to the end of the week filled with tests (basically how I'm feeling this week), or the month or so that was filled with torturous essays, or the two weeks until I could come out of my sling. And I really, really hate wishing away time, because when you're constantly wishing time away, it gets really hard to feel good about life. I like living in the moment (I know, it's corny*), and I really need to get back that enjoyment in every day life.

So, this thing that I'm talking about? For tonight, it means posting some photos from then. From the days when everything always seemed good. When I was truly happy-go-lucky no matter what went wrong, and that I sometimes wish I could get back.

And in a few days, I'll post some recent photos. Photos of all the good times that I mixed up with all the bad times last year and almost succeeded in forgetting about, or that I just missed entirely, because I was so concentrated on just getting to the end of the week. Photos to remind me that despite the parts where life truly feels like it couldn't get any more shitty, there are still an awful lot of fantastic moments that make it completely and utterly worth it.

And to finish it off, some photos from now. To let myself know that right in this very moment, there's some great times to be had and I should really just enjoy them. It's surprisingly therapeutic.

So, here goes nothing! Beware, there's an awful lot of (not great) photos! The then...

The one and only Bec Wiener. Miss this kid a lot.
Climbing trees, just casually. I got stuck in this tree with a dislocated knee cap. Good times :P
2009 (I think).
Taking a break from a rather long bike ride.
What happens when you spend 8 days in a stinking hot tent - really bad hair days :P
Dressing up in ridiculous clothes is fun.
2010? Maybe?
And some more climbing...
High School Graduation with one of my Greatest friends and two of the brothers :)
Me and the little brother.
Glow sticks are fun.
Post Knee Reconstruction No. 2. My genius markings never fail to make me smile :P
September 2010.
It's amazing how cameras can capture moments and
make them look so different to what they actually were.
Also, never take selfies when wearing a strapless top :P
Never understood people who don't like seaweed. Personally, I think it brings out my eyes :P
Summer 09/10.
Poo Pit or Poop It? You decide!
Grade 10 hiking camp and some classic Australian humour :P
July 2007.
Grade 12 ball (kinda like prom!)
Me, Cindy, Alex: the coolest kids :P
Australia Day 2010.
T-t-t-t-turtle! We had a rap and everything!
2007 or 2008. One of the two :P

Tune in soon for some better quality photos and the things that make me smile now :)

Love from little-old Perth, Rhi :) xx

*If you think about it, corniness is usually the result of an overarching truth. Mind blown.


Jess F said...

Ahhh Rheenus, totally feeling you on this one. im starting to reevaluate my decision to do a double degree, while doing a piano diploma, while being the president of a club, while tutoring English, while teaching piano, while teaching music theory, while putting together a newsletter... WHILE EXAMS ARE ON.

my solution: have sex! and when sex is unavailable... ignore a large portion of what you SHOULD be doing and shop online instead ;)

as you can imagine, i'm VERY, VERY broke right now.

much love!! and take care!!
your favourite t-t-t-turtle.

sonia de macedo said...

Beautiful post, urgh i totally know what you mean, though my stresses are more financial and the fact that I've been here in Melbourne for far too long. I pretty much felt like shit this morning but you're post made me smile and think about the good old days! I'm definitely one of those life for now kinda gals too and I think I forgot that sometime last week. Thanks for sharing these wonderful snaps, and hopefully you'll be able to find a spare day to just unwind and relax!

All the best and have a wonderful day!

Cindy said...

I was going to write something really mushy and sentimental. Then I saw Jess' comment. Exams will be over soon (kind of/maybe), then we will hit the beach in the middle of winter like the crazy people we are. I miss seeing you + everyone else on a daily basis :( bring back the high school years when things were simpler

Jess F said...