May 12, 2012

Knowing what to do with $10 million...

Using all my skills, I've managed to tailor yet another research essay to the subject of global inequality and it's kind of got me thinking about something somebody asked me not so long ago. I've decided to write it down so that the thoughts will stop interrupting my brilliant essay-related ideas, and publish it here because, well, it's always good to keep this space at least a little updated :P Or, for those that can't be bothered reading, I've been good and posted a few recent snaps as well :)

Somebody asked me the other day what I'd buy if I won $10 million on the proviso that I spent it selfishly. I spent a long time trying to convince them that if I was acting entirely selfishly, I'd have to take into account the feeling of guilt that I know I wouldn't be able to shake if I spent $10 million on a house overlooking the river, a fancy car, a designer wardrobe, or a lifelong supply of coffee. If you accept that, then I should be allowed to use a vast majority of the money to help in decreasing social and economic inequality, and pay off my parent's mortgage, because these are the things that would make me happy. They didn't buy into it, and so I was at a loss.


What the hell would anyone do with $10 million, all for themselves? House, car, designer wardrobe, travel, private jet - the possibilities seemed endless but I didn't particularly like any of them.

I supposed I'd buy a small apartment or house in Freo, and maybe a little holiday house or two - nothing fancy cause simple and a little rustic is much more my style - perhaps a beach shack in Yallingup and a little shed that I'd renovate in Exmouth? I'd get a ticket to travel the world, and I'd go back to India. They said I couldn't go to India because they knew I'd use my time and money there to try and help everyone else. They were right, and so I thought about it some more.

India, from The India Project

"Are you sure I can't at least pay off my parent's mortgage? What if the only reason I'm paying it off is because when they're stressed, I'm stressed, and so paying it off is selfish because I only want to increase my own happiness?"
"Except I know you care about your parents happiness, thus that reason would be a lie. So, no."

Oh my... Is it even possible to spend $10 million on travel? I'd really like to travel. I suppose I wouldn't be able to resist buying some clothes and little trinkets, a surfboard and a longboard. I'd buy a lot of books, some new CDs and a watch or two. I really like watches.

I'd also throw an epic party, with great food that I cooked with my Mum and little brother, and with good friends and rad cocktails.

"Do you think I've spent $10 million yet?"
"You're way off."

I just physically cannot comprehend how one person could spend $10 million entirely on themselves. It's a completely absurd amount of money.

What would you do if you had that amount? And you couldn't just leave it to sit in a high interest bank account unless the money you earned from that was also spent entirely selfishly?

I genuinely can't think of anything...

Actually! I've thought of one more thing! I'd get myself an old datsun ute, and fix it up so it's all new, shiny and wonderfully efficient on the inside, but old and crappy looking on the outside, because I'm cool like that :P

Still don't think that would get me to $10 million though...

PS. Sorry for my absence! I've had so much on with uni, and still do! I'll do my best to post more regularly, reply to your lovely comments and read your wonderful posts, but it might take me a little while. With love from my study desk, Rhi :P xx

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UWA Arts Union Charity Gala.
With Mike & Nageena.
With Chloe and Nageena.

Running through the rain.
It's kinda a little bit fun...except I think I should get some gumboots :P

@ Grill'd.

Dinner with the ever-wonderful Lauren and Nageena (she's behind the camera) :P


My Cowlick said...

I love how you capture the essence of the activities! Hmm that is a great question. I like to ponder about 10 million dollars too. haha


sonia de macedo said...

Wow $10 million... S*** I could do with that LOL I'm pretty sure I could spend it all, investing in property, especially in NYC, $10 mill doesn't really buy much anyway LOL! And I would find a way to help my family and friends, manipulate the terms a little!

Ahhh we can dream!