May 22, 2012

Le fotografie: a fairly pointless blog about my spectacular day.

I had a day off today. Like an actual sleep-in and do whatever I like kind of day off. No work, no uni, no obligations. It was incredible! I don't think this has happened since my last shoulder reconstruction in November 2011, and that was only because I couldn't get out of bed for more than 10 minutes without needing a nap.

I took my time eating breakfast. I went to the gym (to fend off dislocato girl and make sure there are no more pesky surgeries). I did some Italian study and had a bit of a snooze. I played Mario Bros on the wii! Can you believe it? I had time to play Mario!! I'm still a little in shock.

I baked anzac biscuits with my dear older brother, Rohan, and then I caught up with Nageena to chill out, drink coffee and - the best part - steal my little brother's longboard and skate around the park near my house. I'm so chilled out right now it's ridiculous.

Hope you all had (or have) an absolutely lovely day :) Rhi xx

If you like, I might be able to talk Rohan into guest posting his anzac recipe?
They're pretty tasty!!

Climbing up arbours.
Life is better when you're somewhere off the ground.

The only way to wear vans - minus the laces :D

How have your days been? Regale me with your stories! Good? Bad? Meh? I want to know!

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Cady said...

Sounds – and looks – like the best day ever! xo.

Gaby said...

yay for anzac bikkies! everyone needs a day off once in a while :)