May 01, 2012


Some of you might remember the last post I wrote about Jim and Sam. Well, I realised it's been a long time since I've shared any of their story, and so I decided to give you the next paragraph of the last tidbit - a chapter which I have since entitled 'Highway'.

The heat of the bitumen scorched Jim's feet as he walked down the highway, his gait slow and hinting towards the feeling of pointlessness that had engulfed him. The overcast grey sky and the muted green, grey and brown of the native shrubs that shrouded the edges of the highway suited his mood, if only that sunlit patch of cloud would disappear.

As he stared down the cloud, he began to walk faster, willing it to disappear, to leave him alone. And as he walked faster, his mood changed. Jim began to see red - he was furious. It built up slowly, his parents, the mirror, his school, Sam, although how he came into it Jim wasn't quite sure. From one part of his life to another and there seemed to be something wrong with all of it, until he couldn't avoid it any more. The one thing that was really pissing him off, that made him walk out of his house and somehow end up on this highway which smelt a little of the exhaust left behind by speeding cars, and a little of the pungent trees that lined it...

*   *   *   *   *   *

I'm always nervous posting these little bits of writing online. Or showing anyone at all, actually. Even though I've never run down a highway, it is still very personal. In this post, I mentioned that my words are my sanity, and even though I'm not finding the times so tough right now, this still holds true. I want to put more of it on, but I have to wait for it to be right and often I'm never quite sure if it's ready yet. It's so conflicting!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :) I will post the rest of it soon I hope, I just need to fix up the next little bit, because it doesn't sound quite right yet.

And now just for fun, here are some photos of my day, which has really been quite rad :)

Some of the raddest people out, not to mention they make the best coffee in Perth.
Read my review of their coffee here.

Letting me pretend I'm a barista.

A note from a great friend.

Helping my cousin with his homework,
and re-remembering the horrors of the English language.

Being nerdy and getting overexcited about politics books.
Anyhow, it is almost 1am, and I need to be up at 6.30, so with that, I am going to ignore the insomniac within and attempt to sleep. Hope you're all having a grand day/night. 

Over and out
Rhi xx


Stace said...

I love that first pic of the three guys! The fact that they make good coffee makes it even better :)

Sabrina said...

I love little notes like that from best friends (etc.)! They're so cute and simple and mean more than a 12 page letter could!


sonia de macedo said...

Wow I loved reading part of that short(?) story! You have such an amazing way with words. I hadn't read the previous entry (and couldn't find it :o( ) or understand the backbone of it but I was completely taken to this highway, I felt and smelt everything there - especially the anger, though that might have been my sub conscious digging into my own issues LOL! I totally know the feeling you're talking about. I'm in a process of writing a fiction novel (and when I say process haven't touched it in a while) and it's kind of scary at times sharing your ideas even when seeking approval from friends! Nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed it - you have a wonderful gift!

Have a beautiful weekend,