June 18, 2012

Glorified Meat & Vege

A song performed by the Beards seemed appropriate seeing as I'm talking about the steak I cooked. Both manly things - beards and steak :P

The keeping it simple has begun! I cooked dinner tonight. It was quite a joyous experience. Just chopping up the vege and chatting away to my Madre while I was at it. Not thinking about my final exam on Thursday, because a girl has to eat - the study could wait! Starting to serve up just as my oldest brother walked in the door. Sitting around the table and chatting about whatever it is we talked about, I hardly remember (which is usually a sign of a good time for me...more on that later). Being laughed at because I declared we had some leftover stewed rhubarb and ice cream for dessert - exactly what my dear Grandma says after almost every dinner. I think I could get used to this cooking business...

Any tips on photographing food would be appreciated :P
Oh and on how to make good sauces for steak!
This steak was a bit sad without sauce of some kind...
We ended up with steak, potato mash and grilled vege (so really, meat and vege). I kinda just made it up as I went along - I'd highly recommend it. It's an awful lot of fun, as long as your happy to laugh at yourself when you do something silly :P

Anyhow, I need to try to keep up with sleep at least until Thursday. Buona notte!! Rhi :)

PS. Thanks so much for the lovely comments and movie suggestions after my last post! Reading over the comments is oh so much fun, and I've added all the movies to my list. Get excited! :D

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Ms. Cathy said...

I just made a fantastic steak last time (and let me say, it has been YEARS since I've made steak lol) - - I just seasoned it on both sides with salt, pepper, garlic + herb seasoning, and loads of worchershire sauce, cooked on the pan with butter. Perfecto!

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