June 04, 2012

Pomegranates and the Winter Time

Winter is officially here guys. You know how I can tell? The leaves on our pomegranate tree magically turned yellow. Around the 1st of June every year, we'll look outside and wonder what happened to the pomegranate leaves. It's pretty impressive really, but I don't like winter!

It's been getting dark too early, so here's yet another over exposed photo :D
Another photo of some pomegranates at Lowdown, just for good measure.

I know that comparative to most of the world, Australia's winters really aren't that bad, except for the part where nothing here is built to cope with the cold! I remember being at the airport picking my brother up last year, when a British guy walked out of the arrivals area, and yelled to his friend 'I thought it didn't get cold here! This is worse than it gets at home!'. It made me laugh a little.

Anyhow, I've decided to not really do a 'now' post like I said I would, because, well... If you want to see photos from the now, you can just scroll through my past blogs! Or you can just keep reading this entry! ;)

Last Friday I organised with some friends to go kayaking on the river, and then to head out to a brewery in Fremantle afterwards. Unfortunately no photos of the kayaking, because nobody was stupid enough to take their cameras out on the water. With the guys I was with, everyone knew that even if we didn't tip the kayak accidentally, somebody would willingly help us out :P There is a photo of our rather large amount of beer/cider glasses from Little Creatures, plus a few photos of the other things I've been up to :)

Hope you've all had a grand start to the week :) Rhi xx

See the guy in the photo above wearing the brown sweater?
This is his dog, Cosi. I think I might take her home with me one day, cause she is kinda rad :P

Doodling at work. Can't wait until my shoulder is working well enough to play my cello again!

Nageena taking photos of me studying hard in the common room...
The guys playing MBA Jam on an old SNES. It's pretty rad.
Ahhh uni life :)

PS. Stay tuned. There's more on Jim and Sam (some creative writing) coming up soon :)


Ms. Cathy said...

Yellow leaves are lovely. And so is your sketch!! Good job, have a great week! :)

Cathy Trails

Brooklyn said...

Awesome photos! And kayaking, a brewery, and that adorable pup...looks like a great time to me!

Cady said...

Great pictures! Winter is the worst, but you'll get through it! xo.

Gaby said...

Winter in oz is SO cold! I have to wear gloves in bed when I read. Love these shots by the way :)