June 21, 2012

Reminiscing: The India Project

Today, I:
  - finished my final exam.
  - got lunch with an old friend.
  - fell asleep on a bus, multiple times.
  - piked on a gathering, something I never, ever do (and feel dreadful about, I'm sorry Leisha!!).
  - dreamed about travel. How unusual :P

An oak tree in a cracker box.
One of the little things that make life grand.

As I was dreaming about the travel and the adventures I could one day have, my thoughts couldn't help but to stray back to India. Like Singapore, as long as Bec is there, I think India is going to become a permanent fixture whenever I travel. I've already vaguely planned (i.e. decided) that I am going to 'stop by' India on my way home form Milan for a month or so, because it's on the way, right? :P And I plan on going back again after I've graduated.

India taught me that travel is important, but not only as a form of leisure or business.

Despite strongly believing all my life in equality of race, gender, religion and sexuality, I've always struggled with blocking out racist ideas and thoughts, especially given how prevalent they are in my own society - which, now that I think about it, is sadly a huge part of global society as well. But travelling, even just to the few places that I have been, has enabled me to see people of different races as humans, not as something foreign that I cannot understand.

This realisation was one of those rare moments of clarity that, when we are lucky enough to experience, we all struggle to hold on to and to remember. So when I was dreaming about travelling and exploring the world this afternoon, as I tried not to fall asleep again on the bus trip home, I determined to always remember that trip - to browse over the pictures and reread my journals - so that I can hold onto that moment of clarity.

But more than this, I decided to really focus on living life to its full - I know it is corny (a lot of my thoughts seems to be this way lately), but new experiences are vital. Going out and trying new things helps us not to become complacent in life, and to always beware of others around us and the things they might be experiencing. It helps us to see outside of ourselves and gain perspective, and to me, that is worth fighting for.

Sunset in India
A Quiet Evening.
Just your average crowd... :P

At the cricket.
Go Chennai Super Kings!!
...I hope I got their name right :P

Garlic store at the markets. Imagine...

Squeezing too many people in a car and sweating like pigs :D


Ms. Cathy said...

Congrats on the exam!! Now is the time to enjoy the summer! And hope you've been doing it already : ) have a good weekend, Rhi!

Cathy Trails

Rachel Dichter said...

happy summer!

sonia de macedo said...

Yay it's finally over, for a while at least! This post has me yearning for my getaway to come sooner. I love getting away and wondering off the beaten track, you learn so much more about yourself and life, it's the most liberating thing ever. Not to mention the incredibly people you meet along the way! Hopefully you'll be there soon!

Enjoy your much deserved break!

Tamaras Blend said...

Daaamn, so much garlic on that photo! :)
By the way, I answered your question in the comment section of my blog. :)