June 27, 2012

Keep It Simple Stupid: Week One

Contrary to appearances, I haven't been neglecting my Keep It Simple Stupid goals (although now that I come to think of it, I have neglected one...) I've just been terrible at blogging about them :P

I've been digging Beirut this week.

Last week, I watched a new movie, I cooked dinner and I tried a new coffee place!

I must say, I've been looking forward to seeing Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ever since I first saw it advertised. Just the name had me intrigued, and Colin Firth being in it may have helped following my lifelong obsession with Pride & Prejudice :P So, when my brother and I decided it was a good night to watch a movie, and we saw Tinker Tailor sitting on the shelves, it was an easy choice.

It was pretty grand - it suited my mood and so I really enjoyed it. It was a tad hard to follow though, but that just means I'll have to watch it again, which I don't mind at all!!

Coffee involved traipsing down a little alleyway slightly west of central Perth and sitting on comfy couches that apparently, according to the same brother, I could have used as camouflage? That was a fun experience, especially because I walk past Tiger, Tiger every morning on my way to Lowdown. I think it looks like a great place to have a lazy lunch during the summer because of the big wooden tables set up outside. And the coffee wasn't too shabby either!

Alleyways and Exposed Brick Walls


Camouflaging and unintentionally pulling strange faces.

Sadly, the DIY/crafty projects are yet to take place. I have cleaned all the textbooks, notebooks, scraps of paper with scribblings about politics and Italian and anthropology off of my desk though, so I at least have somewhere to do my little projects, but that's not really good enough. Tomorrow, the crafting shall begin!!

Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely responses to my last post :) It was a little daunting posting something that personal on this space, but you guys make it worth it!!

Over and out.
Rhi xx


Ms. Cathy said...

Yay! You did it, you got out there and went to a cute coffee place and made dinner. You're inspiring me to become more active in my summer goals :) Looking forward to seeing what your DIY crafts involve. Have a good day! xoxo

Brooklyn said...

such a great blog and photos! that coffee shop makes me want to brew a pot now! :)

Hannah said...

i love coffee in proper glasses! You MUST read/watch bonjour tristesse.. it's fantastic! I really want to see Tinker Tailor, but kinda wanna read it first



sonia de macedo said...

LOL camouflage booths! Too cute! Love your photos and random face shots! Yay for holidays!

Have a lovely day

Gaby said...

oh how i love beirut! and that photo of the laneway is just gorgeous!