September 29, 2012

"My head torch does exactly the same thing anyway."

Source: pinterest
Yesterday, I had to write up a bio for a little project I'm involved in (that shall be launching November 1 - remember that date!), and in it, I mention the many journals I have stacked in a pile on my bookshelf, filled with words from different times of my life. It made me a little curious, so I picked one up and opened to the first page.

"Tuesday, 16 January 2012.

Today, something truly astounding has happened. I've realised the only two things I want are a functioning body and a regular job.

My birthday is coming up and there is genuinely nothing that I want, except perhaps a lamp, but I can do without one. My head torch does exactly the same thing anyway."

I think it's time for me to start cutting back, because if that isn't content, I don't know what is.


Emma said...

i like this post. i like people who are willing to be content with what they have. and yes! please use my pictures if you wanna to inspire yourself or sumthannng

Amanda Rose said...

This is a great journal. It must be so rewarding to go back and be able to read your daily thoughts.

Amanda Rose

Tori said...

Gorgeous photograph! :)