September 28, 2012

Op Shop Shoot: TanyaVolt Photography Part 1

I was expecting all of my Op Shop Shoots to be comprised of pictures shot on my iPhone. It works - the cameras on these handy little devices are pretty impressive, but then my friend Tanya of TanyaVolt Photography asked if I wanted to do a shoot with her. Seriously guys, she is incredible! I'm so excited to finally be sharing the results with you!! Check out her website (here) and her facebook (here), you know you want to!!

Oh and a handy tip - try clicking on the pictures. They look much nicer that way :)

Cord Jacket: $8 from the Salvos Fremantle
Blouse: $4 from the Salvos Perth
Necklace: from India
Jeans: by Cheap Monday

Top: stolen from my Madre :P

Jacket: $35 from Vinnies Fremantle
Dress: $8 from the Salvos Perth
Shoes: Keds, borrowed from Nageena

I'm not sure if you can tell from these and my other Op Shop Shoots, but I'm developing a serious collection of op shopped/second hand/thrifted clothing. It's almost rare these days that whatever I choose to wear for the day doesn't feature something second hand. You should all seriously consider doing an Op Shop Challenge, if only for a month! I'm starting to think that even after this challenge is over, I'll favour op shops over chains & department stores, or little boutiques even - they are just so much fun!!

More photos to come in a few days.

Have a grand weekend everyone!!
Rhi :)

PS. Don't forget to check out Tanya's photog. pages!! 


Well... said...

Wow, these photographs are just marvelous! So lucky you got to have an actual photo shoot :)
Love your outfits too! I almost always wear something second hand. Its the best way to shop on a budget and still have style!

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Rachael said...

Love your tips on photography. Would be lovely to follow each other (I'm following)!Rx