September 23, 2012

Op Shop Shoot: Doc Martens & a Woollen Vest.

Yesterday, while wandering through the streets of Fremantle with my rad friend, Lauren, I realised that this amazing exposed brick wall (hipster heaven!) that's usually surrounded by cars (stupid carparks) was completely free and open, just waiting to be photographed! And because I'm yet to feature either of these two items (vest & docs) in an Op Shop Shoot, we really couldn't pass up the opportunity...even though I am fairly sure I look exactly like my mum in that first photo :P

Top: Borrowed from Mum.
Shorts: Sportsgirl (bought new a few years ago).

Vest: $14 from Good Sammys Subiaco

Docs: $65 from KooKooKachoo Vintage
i.e. the rad shop curated by the lady behind the Moptop
I have pretty much refused to take these shoes off since I got them :P

Cheers to Lauren for being so awesome and not being afraid to look ridiculous taking photos of me with an iPhone in public places :P

There's some photos of her rad outfit to come in the next day or two (and fingers crossed the results of an epic Op Shop Shoot I did with an (actual!) photographer friend a few weeks ago as well) :D

Hope you're weekends have all been filled with spontaneity and fun times :)

Over and out.
Rhi :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I actually LOVE your outfit! That wall is such a good background too :P You look so hipster! LOL

sonia de macedo said...

This is gorgeous, love those Doc Martins, the whole ensemble is stunning, and that hipster wall - well it was meant to be!

Have a wonderful week Rhi,
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Catherine said...

You are gorgeous - and you're so right, you look just like your Mum! (you lucky cow ;-)) xxx