September 25, 2012

Sour Face.

Probably my favourite thing about working in a lolly (candy) shop is when a customer asks me if I have anything really sour. "How sour?" I ask. Most of them tell me the sourest thing I have, because nothing has ever been too sour for them, so I give them a piece of Mega Sour candy (such an inventive name!) and prepare to laugh. Their faces pucker up, they start to squirm & jump up & down, and I even had someone run around the shop once while the effect wore off, and then they look really excited, buy a packet or two and leave a happy customer.

After going through this all with a customer last week and laughing so hard cause this guy's reaction was so good, I decided to let more people experience the joy and bought a bag for myself. I spent the next day offering my friends a 'cherry lolly' (technically it's true) and taking photos of their reactions.

Turns out half of my friends are more hardcore than any of my customers, but it still made for a lot of laughs and some entertaining photos :D

1 / Nageena. I missed the best part of this one's reaction because I was laughing so much. Sorry guys :P
2 + 3 + 4 / Couchman + Greeney + Rob. These guys all knew what was coming.
5 + 6 / Tim + Tom. I think Tim braved a second one?
7 / Toni. Even when she's pulling faces, she's still a babe.
8 / Karim. Favourite reaction of the day!

And just to be fair, because I have a couple lollies still left, here's a photo of what my face looks like after I brave a mega sour :D

Hope this little piece of frivolity brightened your day!

Over and out.
Rhi :)


Cindy said...

I have to admit I'm pretty keen to try this! :P

Amanda Rose said...

This is so funny!

Amanda Rose