November 04, 2012

Bits and Pieces: Take 6.

1 / Finding joy in lovely messages left by strangers.
2 / We celebrated a birthday at Lowdown - more on that tomorrow :)
3 / Dealt with horny peacocks at uni. Seriously, they are super cool looking but I don't think their beauty quite makes up for the weird dying-cat-cross-crying-baby squawking noise that these guys make all day :P
4 / Celebrated the last day of semester with a dinosaur, or dragon, or something... :D
5 / The room of essay writing is getting further and further into squalor. I'll clean it sometime soon, maybe**
6 / Hung out with some super fashionable kids.
7 / Lots of stylish people rode past me on bikes. One of them knew my name apparently. I still have no idea who this person is.
8 / Lovely native flowers :)
9 / Wondered why it's so hard to walk 5 metres to the closest bin...
10 / Chilled out in my messy room with a cello that loves to party. What a babe (my cello, that is).

**Nageena caught a glimpse of this on Skype. I would like to proudly announce that my room no longer resembles a pig sty :P


Kelly Ann said...

That peacock is stunning!

Sparkles and Shoes

sonia de macedo said...

I can't help but go back to the peacock! OMG they just wander around your uni you lucky thing you - though maybe not for those weird calls, I imagine they're pretty much the same as the annoying noises my neighbors cats make late at night before a round of bitch fighting!


Manda said...

I love these photos! You certainly have an eye for beauty!! Keep it up!