November 19, 2012

Bits and Pieces: Take 8

1 / These guys are rather amusing. They also closed for a week. It's been a terrible few days :P
2 / Went to a fashion show with this kid, tackled a Maccas drive through and then ran around a park in the dead of night. It was great.
3 & 4 / I sat in my backyard with two of my brothers and one of our doggys, talking and laughing and relaxing.
5 / Spent an awful lot of time at the beach. I love summer.
6 / Coffee times!! A Friday ritual :)
7 & 8 / A final farewell to the uni tav for the year.
9 / Had lunch with an old friend.
10 / Learnt how to play the Pepper the Pig game with my lovely cousin.

After all that finishing uni joy, turns out the past 7 days have been pretty hectic and taking photos hasn't particularly been on the top of my radar. I'm also getting excessively bored of iPhone photos. Can't wait for my new photo-taking machine to arrive for Christmas ;)

1 comment:

sonia de macedo said...

Well I'm not going to tell you how awesome your photos are again, since I'm pretty sure I do that every post. I promise it's me commenting, not some future robot made for blog post comment purposes. Promise!

Have a great week Rhi