November 12, 2012

Bits and Pieces: Take 7.

1-5 / I hung out in an urban orchard (next to the train station in Perth), hunting for strawberries, admiring my city and picking flowers with Nageena.
6 & 7 / I went to a small gathering, learnt that the guy in the photo apparently draws Mario mushrooms everywhere, and laughed a lot.
8 / This kid got her license!! For our first driving trip, she took me to my doctors appointment hahaha. 
9-11 / For our next trip, we went down to the beach for a lovely swim, and then headed to Fremantle for chips, juice and coffee. We also found this rabbit, drove half way home and decided we didn't really want to go home so went back to Freo. Ah sweet freedom.
12 / Poppies came to life in my back garden and I remembered those men & women who have fought for my country.
13 / The little brother cooked pancakes for the two of us, and hid behind this tea towel when I tried to take a photo. I laughed a little at the slight piece of irony :P

Not pictured: Today, I handed in my final assessment for the semester!! It wasn't 4 days late or anything... :P

To celebrate, I am going to go and potentially eat some gelato, sleep a lot, and plan a very exciting adventure that I'm about to dive into :D

Over and out.
Rhi :) xx

PS. I should mention that I am actually absurdly excited about having time to sit and write, both for this space and for another that I have seriously neglected. Also to be able to visit your spaces without feeling terribly guilty for not utilising the time for study. I'll be seeing you soon!! :D

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My Hideaway said...

Yay for driver's licenses, new adventures, and the freedom of unscheduled time. :)