July 19, 2012

Freo on Ice

I wanna go ice-skating tonight, and tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that!! I didn't break (injure) anything! And it was so much fun :D Believe it or not it was colder off the ice than on it, silly winter, and it was great dodging through people and skating round and round after finding my feet. The ice cream we had afterwards at dolce vita in Fremantle wasn't too shabby either :P

Note to self: iPhones not good for taking pictures of fast moving people :P


Tessa said...

It was an awesome night, despite the coldness :) I'm loving the photos too haha

Angie Browning said...

Hi Rhianna! Thank you for stopping by my blog Dishes Undressed and particularly excited to see that your latest blog post was about Fremantle! Where I used to live and work until February this year. Ahh, so happy memories and the giant ferris wheel is still there - I SO would have loved to have ice skated here. Miss looking across the liners on the gage roads every morning on the way to work. Happy memories by far. Very much love to you and Freo! (my favourite coffee was from HUSH or The Attic :) xx

Ms. Cathy said...

Aww such fun pictures!!