July 18, 2012

Today was a day for...

Today was a day for catching up with friends, and traipsing along paths surround by trees with big, overarching branches.

And tonight is a night for... get ready for it... ice skating! :D

Eat your heart out, Dislocato Girl!

Life is slowly but surely becoming an adventure again. Wish me luck!


Danie at Pasadya said...

That IS an adventure!! Have so much fun!! :)

Ms. Cathy said...

Love ice skating in the summer time!! Have fun girl! :)

Oh and check out my guest post at Dishes Undressed. I think you'll really enjoy it :)

Guest Post at Dishes Undressed

sonia de macedo said...

Oooh good luck with the ice skating! Have an awesome, awesome time doll!

Keep on living it up Rhi

Tara Marie said...

Ice skating is so fun and that photo is beautiful! Have fun!