July 13, 2012

It's been a while.

Last night a friend who I respect, and who is a really genuine guy, said something nice about my writing, and I'm still feeling pretty chuffed. Just the thought of it makes me smile a little. It's funny the difference that just one sentence of recognition can make.

Again, it made me remember that this was initially a space for writing, and it's been a while since I've updated you on Jim and Sam, so here's a little more, but instead about someone they know, someone I don't think I've introduced to you yet, but who makes an impact in her own way. Friends, meet Laura.

*   *   *   *   *

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She remembered back. A day celebrating a birthday. A day spent eating too much good food and drinking too many beers. She smiled to herself.

But then she remembered the photos. When she saw them, she thought they looked like the photos of lovers. They weren't artistic or beautiful, they weren't groundbreaking or shocking, but they had a hint of intimacy. They were the photos of lovers except she couldn't feel anything but a slight tenderness, some kind of detached compassion. 

And suddenly, she realised, if she lived that day again, but with Jim, her feelings would have been exactly the same. In this rare moment of clarity, Laura realised what she had to do and the small smile triggered by memory was gone as soon as it had arrived.


Natasha Ting said...

it's moments like these that make us realize who we left our hearts with. beautiful piece of writing.


Nageena Maskinyar said...

This is an incredible piece of writing!

Anonymous said...

I am normally sceptical about reading snippets of writing on blogs- they are either too long or generally mean nothing. But I can honestly say that this was really good :) It totally embodied what I feel like sometimes and I love how in such a short section of writing, as a reader you understand and empathise with the main character.

Thanks for sharing :)

Say x

Hannah said...

aww Rhi this is lovely. Aren't you a talented little lady!



sonia de macedo said...

That is wonderful! My closest friend (and longest) said the same thing to be a few weeks back. It's nice to get that genuine and authentic opinion, one where they've actually taken the time to read, digest and develop feelings towards. You really have such a wonderful way with words, without overcomplicating them too. Love this little snippet but urgh, dammit I want more! :o)

Hope you had a gorgeous weekend Rhi!