July 31, 2012

Le Fotografie of Late

Uni started yesterday, and I'm oh so pumped for all my units. I'm studying both the politics and the history of the United States, a country that absolutely fascinates me, as well as the usual Italian unit which seems to be getting more and more enjoyable as time goes by.

I am already wondering though how I ever managed to work, exercise, cook food, maintain some semblance of a social life whilst overloading at uni (thank goodness I'm not trying that trick again) AND find the time to maintain this little blog here**.

So, while I get back into the swing of things again, I'm going to go for a lazy little le fotografie post, because I haven't done that in a while :)

The Greenhouse in Perth City for lunch with a friend.
I'd highly recommend it!!

Leek Tart, House-Cured Bacon and Goats Curd.
Omnomnom :D

Just a casual photo of a  tree trunk,
you know, as you do.

Organic black kale. HOW COOL IS THIS??
I'm completely in love with it.

As much as we need rain what with this being one of the driest winters in my lifetime,
I really have enjoyed soaking up the blue winter skies with various novels this holidays :)

The usual backpackers braving the freezing winter waters :D
Only in Australia...

Catching up with high school friends :)

Got a new computer and had to rip all my CDs for the millionth time.
"The analog format has worked 'just fine' since the days of Louis Armstrong
 onto The Beatles and through to the White Stripes. Don't fix it if it ain't broken!"
Massive kudos to Stewart Levine and Jamie Cullum!!

Hope you're all well!! I'll find the time to come and visit your spaces soon, promise :)

Over and out.
Rhi xx

**Not that I've been doing a very good job of that lately. I'm sorry everyone! Life just got in the way, and I've been nursing a few injuries - my shoulder's back to its usual self which is rather scary and my ankle realised it missed the boat with dislocato girl and has decided to make up for it by swelling up into a balloon for no apparent reason - which means I've spent most of my spare time with my ankle elevated while trying to sit up with good posture. Oh me oh my...


Amanda Rose said...

It is so funny to me that American History interests you. Its sad that us Americans usually have such a feeble grasp on out own history! Your classes start early. I love the picture of you reading.

Great post.


Ms. Cathy said...

Hey girl! How exciting that Uni started! the classes sound great and hope you find the right balance/groove (which I'm sure you will!) They always say you tend to do more things when you're busy. lol!

Cathy Trails